FC 24 Mod Enhances Career Mode Realism

Every Career Mode enthusiast strives for realism in their gameplay, from transfers and player development to team budgets. However, persistent issues and bugs—overlooked by EA over the years—often spoil the enjoyment of this iconic mode.

Fortunately, for PC gamers, there are mods designed to address some of the issues and make every Career Mode save as realistic as possible. One notable example is InnFormation’s FC 24 Career Realism Mod!

What does this mod changes in FC 24 Career Mode?

Career Realism Mod is a game-changing modification for FC 24 that breathes new life into the world of virtual football management. From player growth dynamics to transfer market intricacies and financial realism, this mod leaves no stone unturned in its quest to deliver an immersive and authentic football management experience in FC 24.

The mod brings several significant changes, enhancing the realism and challenging aspects of the game. Here is a general summary of the mod’s features:

General Changes

  • Increased the minimum number of goalkeepers required by a team to 3.
  • Adjusted the morale and sharpness of both international teams and clubs to match or surpass that of the user, correcting the previous imbalance set by EA.
  • Revamped the player growth system, making it slower, even for overperforming players. This affects both overall player growth and position change plans.
  • Reduced the decline of players, allowing them to maintain their overall rating when overperforming.
  • Made youth scouts and scouting missions more expensive.
  • Adjusted player values to better reflect real-life evaluations, especially for young high-potential players.


  • LALIGA players are more likely to have high release clauses, particularly for young talents.
  • Increased the minimum squad size required for contract renewals from 23 to 34.
  • AI teams are more inclined to renew contracts for their best players for longer durations.
  • The AI now prioritizes acquiring the best players in every position when improving its squad.
  • The AI is more strategic in searching for players to buy, focusing on specific positions and younger talents.
  • Introduced a cutoff age of 40 for squad improvement transfers and loans.
  • Updated player movements across leagues to reflect real-life transfers based on nationality.
  • The AI is more likely to trigger very high release clauses for desirable players.
  • Improved the AI’s player evaluation process to shortlist and buy the best and most essential players.


  • Reduced the amount of money carried over into the next season.
  • Reduced the starting budgets of all clubs.
  • Decreased the profits generated from player transfers.
  • Reduced the impact of the club’s transfer budget on the wage budget.
  • Significantly reduced profits generated from ticket sales.
  • Lowered the prices of shirts, especially for goalkeepers.

Overall, the Career Realism Mod aims to create a more challenging and realistic career mode experience in FC 24 by addressing issues related to player growth, transfers, and financial aspects while striving for a more accurate representation of real-life football scenarios.

How to download and install this mod?

InnFormation’s FC 24 Career Realism Mod is available for download here. In order to install it, gamers will have to download and run FIFA Mod Manager (FMM) and select EA SPORTS FC 24 as the main game directory for all future FC 24 mods.

After that step, simply run or drop the downloaded mod in the FMM mods list. Select the imported mod and click on the “Apply mod(s)” button at the bottom. Once that is all and done, click on the “Launch” button and FC 24 will load the new mod in-game.

The mod author recommends starting a new save in order to apply the new budgets into the game. Although, there is nothing wrong with applying this mod to an already existing save.

Please note, FC 24 modding is exclusive to PC, with no current options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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