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How To Avoid Dynamic Potential Pitfalls in FC 24 Career Mode

While Dynamic Potential over the years has added many benefits, it also has its downsides. In Career Mode, Dynamic Potential can sometimes result in unrealistic and unbalanced player development.

It can lead to players becoming too overpowered, making the game less challenging and less enjoyable. Additionally, Dynamic Potential can make it difficult to track player progression, as ratings can change rapidly.

Therefore, despite its excitement and unpredictability to Career Mode, it can also have some negative consequences. Below, you’ll find 4 ways you can use to avoid Dynamic Potential from ruining your players’ potentials in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode.

1. Loan Them Out

Dynamic Potential can sometimes result in players losing potential due to lack of game time. However, this can be avoided by loaning out players to other clubs. When players are loaned out, their potential is frozen, meaning that it won’t change while they are on loan.

This gives you the opportunity to monitor their progress and development on their pre-existing potential, for example, Carlos Forbs has a potential of 86 in Career Mode, so if loaned out for like 2 years, his potential will remain the same while his overall rating growth is directed towards that potential.


Loaning out players in Career Mode can also have other benefits beyond protecting their potential. For example, it can help players gain experience and develop their skills by playing in a different league or country. Additionally, if a player is loaned to a club with good facilities and training staff, they may benefit from improved training and development.

Lastly, loaning out a player can also free up space in your squad, allowing you to sign new players. So, while loaning out players is primarily intended to protect their potential, it can also have other positive effects on their development.

2. Swap Deals

Including players in swap deals can be a good way to avoid the negative side of Dynamic Potential for two main reasons. First, players included in swap deals are effectively “frozen” like players who are loaned out. This means that their dynamic potential will not change while they are included in the swap deal.

Second, including players in a swap deal can allow you to sign a new player who may have a higher overall rating or who is closer to reaching their full potential. Therefore, by including players in a swap deal, you can protect their potential and potentially improve your squad at the same time.


However, one may argue that why would you want to lose your high potential players just like that rather than just loan them out. Remember, getting loans for young players, especially youth academy players can be hard and dynamic potential is brutal. On the other hand, swapping your “far from first team high potential players with 40+ aged players”, has a higher success rate.

These clubs will accept, requiring no fees! You can thereafter put those old players on a one-year contract, they won’t complain about game time until their contract expires. However, that particular club will nurture your players on your behalf, and you can always pick them up in the future when they improved. Although they may be expensive in the future, remember you will also find yourself with a big chunk of money that you wouldn’t know what to do with it.

3. Set Them Free

Releasing players from your squad may seem counterintuitive, but it can actually be a very effective way to protect their potential. Just like the loan and swap options, when you release a player, their dynamic potential is frozen at their current level. This means that their potential will not be negatively impacted by their performance at another club.

In addition, releasing players can free up space in your squad and allow you to have a lesser, more manageable squad that can benefit evenly from dynamic potential. Released players similar to those included in swap deals will be picked by another club, that will help them reach their full potential on your behalf. You can thereafter sign them in the future when they are first team ready.


Furthermore, given that there is no limit to the amount of players you can release this year, you can use this feature to promote as many high potential youth academy players as possible and release them. This creates a more competitive environment for everyone and ultimately benefits the entire game. So, although it may seem counterproductive, releasing players can actually be a good way to protect their potential and increasing the overall quality pool of players and competition.

4. Promote Them Late

Promoting players from your scout report near the end of the season, specifically in June after season games are all done and dusted, is a good way to protect their potential, because the game has been programmed to not recognise their performance during that particular season. Therefore, we recommend doing longer youth academy scouting durations and leaving your players in the scout report as long as possible. This strategy is beneficial in a number of ways.


First, while players are still in the scout report, they will continue growing, and it can also help you assess their potential more accurately. Second, players aged 16+ and lured away by another club can be found in their club, they will nurture him on your behalf saving you from the hassles of lack of game time etc. Finally, promoting your youth players near the end of the season gives you a chance to build up their morale and confidence before the next season, which can help them perform at their best.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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