New FC 24 Mod Drastically Improves Career Mode Experience

For years, the Career Mode in FC 24 has been infamous for its persistent bugs and issues, often diminishing the gaming experience for many devoted fans. However, a new mod created by community modder TheAwesomeGem has emerged as a potential game-changer, addressing nearly all these frustrations.

This mod isn’t just a patch; it’s a complete overhaul aimed at hardcore gamers who seek a challenging and financially realistic football management experience.

Main Features and Improvements

Here’s a straightforward list of the most significant changes introduced by the mod:

  • Financial Realism: Managing finances becomes crucial, especially with lower-tier teams. Success now requires selling players and strategic budgeting.
  • Gradual Player Development: Players no longer jump unrealistically in ability; growth is gradual and reflects more realistic career trajectories.
  • Diverse Youth System: The youth system has been revamped to produce players with a broader range of attributes and potential, making scouting and development more dynamic.
  • Realistic Match Outcomes: Matches now reflect the quality of tactics and team setup more accurately, making every game feel competitive and meaningful.
  • Dynamic Player Values: Players’ market values change based on their form, morale, and potential, affecting negotiations and strategy.
  • Expensive Scouting and Coaching: The cost of scouting and coaching aligns with real-world values, adding another layer of strategy to team management.
  • Updated Match Simulation: Game simulations are more realistic, with improved scoring logic and outcomes that make sense based on team performance.
  • Improved Objectives System: The mod removes less realistic objectives, focusing instead on achievable goals based on league positions, cup wins, and youth development.
  • Transfer Market Dynamics: The transfer market is busier, with increased activity and more realistic negotiation dynamics, including release clauses and contract negotiations.
  • Job Offers: Job offers for managers are now based on your performance; struggling teams won’t unrealistically offer you top managerial positions.


These are just some of the myriad of changes introduced with the FC 24 Improved Career Mode mod.

How do I download and install this mod in FC 24?

The mod is available for download on this page. Before launching the mod, you will need to have the FIFA Mod Manager (FMM) installed. After installing FMM, unzip the downloaded mod, run or drop it in the FMM mods list, select the imported mod and click on the “Apply mod(s)” button at the bottom. Once that is set, click on the “Launch” button and FC 24 will load the new mod in-game.

Please note that the mod is compatible with saved careers, so players can load their current saves without worrying about the career file being damaged! You can follow the author of the mod here for feedback and support.

FC 24 modding is exclusive to PC, with no current options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

If you are interested in trying other FC 24 mods, be sure to check the FC 24 Extended Youth Academy Name Pool mod and Paulv2k4’s FC 24 Gameplay mod.

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