FC 24 Mod Fixes The Repetitive Youth Academy Names

Every Career Mode fan knows how frustrating are the repetitive names of Youth Academy players in FC 24. Sending a scout on a job and having it report back seven players with the same last name is far from the realism that a Career Mode player expects.

Luckily, there is now a solution thanks to a modder known as pup. The FC 24 modder managed to create a small yet effective mod that expands the Youth Academy name pool with thousands of new names! Let’s dive in to all the details.

What does the mod adds in FC 24 Career Mode?

As mentioned above, the mod introduces more variations of first and last names for the generated players in FC 24 Career Mode. According to the mod description, it expands the name pool with more than 5000 last names, 3000 first names and 450 common names for nations like Spain, Portugal, Brazil, China or Korea Republic.

With this mod applied you can say goodbye to the hundreds of Kadlec’s from Czech Republic, Toma’s from Romania or Kovalenko’s from Ukraine.

How do I download and install this mod in FC 24?

The mod is downloadable on this page. Before launching the mod, you will need to have the FIFA Mod Manager (FMM) installed. After that step, simply run or drop the downloaded mod in the FMM mods list, select the imported mod and click on the “Apply mod(s)” button at the bottom. Once that is all and done, click on the “Launch” button and FC 24 will load the new mod in-game.

Another great feature is that the mod is compatible with saved careers. Players can load their current save without worrying about the career file being damaged!

Please note, FC 24 modding is exclusive to PC, with no current options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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