FC 24 PC Mod Adds Icons and Heroes in Career Mode

A recent release in the FC 24 modding scene now enables gamers to play with Ultimate Team Icons and Heroes in Kick Off or Career Mode.

The mod was created by none other than Aranaktu, the developer of FC 24 Live Editor and Career Mode Table. This specially modded squad file gives a new dimension to FC 24 on PC, allowing players to relive memorable moments with former football legends in offline modes, without the need to spend millions of coins in Ultimate Team.

What’s in the Mod?

As previously mentioned, this mod comprises a simple squad file edited to incorporate 158 Icons and Heroes from FC 24 Ultimate Team into offline modes like Kick Off or Career Mode. To make them playable in Career Mode, the ages of all 158 legendary players have been adjusted to 17 – 18 years old, allowing managers to play with them for many seasons to come.

There are two versions of the same squad file available for download:

  • Version 1: All Icons and Heroes are available in the Free Agents pool
  • Version 2: Most of the Icons and Heroes are transferred to their iconic clubs (e.g., Xavi to Barcelona, Thierry Henry to Arsenal, etc). The remaining Icons and Heroes are available in the Free Agents pool, as there wasn’t enough squad space for them in their iconic clubs.

It’s important to note that there have been no alterations in attributes; all former football stars will retain the same overall and stats from their Ultimate Team cards.

How to Download and Install this Mod?

The mod can be downloaded here. The author has also provided detailed instructions on how to apply this mod in FC 24:

  1. Download the squad file version you wish.
  2. Unzip the squad file with WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Move the squad file to “Documents/FC 24/settings”.
  4. Load the squad file in-game (Customise -> Profile -> Load Squads).
  5. If you wish to transfer new players elsewhere in-game, navigate to Customise -> Edit Teams -> Club Transfers.
  6. Ensure you select “Use Current Squads” before initiating a new save.

Easy-peasy! Now you can start a new career, and you’ll have the Icon/Hero players ready for transfer to your club, paving the way for new narratives in your managerial journey in EA SPORTS FC 24.

Please note, FC 24 modding is exclusive to PC, with no current options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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