Revolution Database Master 24 Released

After the release of Frostbite Modding Tool (FMT), a new editing tool for FC 24 on PC is now available – the iconic Revolution Database Master 24 (RDBM 24).

Originally created by Rinaldo, in recent years the tool has been updated and improved by another popular modder and software developer – Fidel aka Doctor+.

What is RDBM 24?

In short, Revolution Database Master or RDBM is a software that allows the editing of the FC 24 database files on PC. This tool allows modders to edit rosters or add new players, managers and teams in-game. Another functionality is the ability to assign custom kits or faces through specific IDs.

The program also unlocks hidden graphic assets such as boots, balls, gloves, faces or even stadiums in certain situations.

For those who do not know, when playing FC 24 the game automatically downloads and saves different squads files into the Documents\FC 24\settings folder. Those files are then used to mod the database of the game.

RDBM is fully compatible with FC 24 and can open Squad, Career, Matchday and even Tournament files.

How to Download and Install RDBM 24?

RDBM 24 is available to download here. Following the download, simply unpack the archive with programs such as WinRar or 7-Zip and run the setup file. Follow the recommended steps and the tool will be installed on your PC.

It is recommended to run the application with the ‘Run as administrator’ option in order to avoid issues when launching. The tool might seem a bit difficult to use for beginners but fear not as there are plenty of tutorials online that will help everyone understand how easy it is to mod the database.

Very important to highlight is that database editing is possible only for offline modes, such as Kick-Off, Career or Tournament.

FC 24 modding is only possible on PC. Currently, there are no options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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