FC 24 Live Editor Released

One of the most important modding tools in recent years has just been released for FC 24 on PC. The tool we are referring to is of course the Live Editor.

Popular modder Aranaktu recently released the latest version of his Live Editor program for FC 24, allowing gamers to edit various aspects of the game while playing on PC, hence the term ‘live’.

What is FC 24 Live Editor?

FC 24 Live Editor is a tool that enables the ability to edit players, teams and other database related tables while playing the game. This modding tool is intended mainly for manager career mode, but there are some dedicated features for player career mode too.

Other features include the modding of almost all legacy files, such as 2D player faces (minifaces) or team crests.

The developer also mentions that the tool must be used only in offline mode and cannot function online nor connect to EA servers, as this aspect is intended for safety reasons.

How to Download and Install FC 24 Live Editor?

FC 24 Live Editor can be downloaded here. After downloading, unzip the file using Winrar or 7zip or any other archive programs available on your PC. After unpacking the file, simply run the ‘Launcher.exe’ and press ‘Run Game’.

As mentioned above, the game will try to connect to EA servers. Users will need to cancel the connection, as the game will never be able to reach the servers with the Live Editor. The Live Editor menu should appear within a few seconds after entering the main menu. To be able to interact with the game, press F9 to hide live editor, or go to View -> Hide Live Editor.

An even more detailed tutorial on how to install and run the editor can be found here.

How to Use FC 24 Live Editor?

With so many features packed in a single tool, it would take a while to explain how to use each and one of them. Luckily, the author has published extensive guides and FAQs on the tool’s github page that will allow even first time users to learn how easy it is to use this amazing program.

The live editor may need to be updated following the release of an official FC 24 Title Update. Be sure to join the official FIFA Live Editor Discord, for the latest updates as the developer will continue improving the tool.

FC 24 modding is only possible on PC. Currently, there are no options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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