First FC 24 Gameplay Mod Released

Following the release of the first modding tool, the first gameplay mod for FC 24 on PC has been published.

Paulov aka Paulv2k4, the same author of the Frostbite Modding Tool (FMT), has recently revealed the first career and gameplay mods for FC 24.

What Does The Gameplay Mod Changes?

In short, this gameplay mod makes passes and shots more difficult as their accuracy is reduced, making each game more thrilling. The AI makes mistakes now, adding a touch of reality. Also, you will be able to enjoy better play with more foul calls and smarter player positioning on the field.

Matches on World Class difficulty are more fair, and it is advised to avoid playing on Legendary, as the AI just cheats. This mod brings a blend of challenge and realism to your FC 24 gameplay, making every match a test of your skills.


What Does The Career Gameplay Mod Changes?

The mod also includes a specific gameplay mod for Career Mode that features the following changes according to its author:

  • Fixed transfers, so It’s not so easy to buy Free Agents who are higher quality than your team
  • Fixed transfers, so British players do not leave their country so often
  • Fixed transfers relocation logic, so players move more realistically to countries they usually do
  • Reduced starting money for each season
  • Increased cost of coaches
  • Youth players are no longer always generated with high potentials
  • Small tweaks to player valuations in the 70 – 75 OVR range

How To Download and Install These Mods?

You can download the mods right here. Following the download, be sure to have FMT installed on your PC. Afterwards, be sure to follow the next steps carefully:

  • Launch FMT.exe
  • Click FC 24 icon
  • Click Load Game: Let’s play with mods
  • Wait for FMT to create Cache for the game
  • Import mod into the mod list
  • Click Launch Game (wait for game to compile)
  • FMT automatically assigns -dataPath ModData to EA Desktop, so EA Desktop may close during the process.

Simple as that! It is advised to play FC 24 in offline mode, as mods are intended only for offline use and will not work online. Gamers can also check the author’s official modding thread on EvoWeb for support or feedback.

It is important to highlight that modding FC 24 is only possible on PC. Currently, there are no options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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