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EA SPORTS FC 24 Career Mode Details Revealed

The latest deep dive from EA Sports reveals everything on Career Mode in EA SPORTS FC 24.

With the Gameplay Deep Dive released a while ago, EA devs recently revealed all the details on the new Career Mode set to feature in FC 24. The iconic game mode received quite a few updates, and we will give an overview of the most important ones.

For FC 24, Manager Career and Player Career will be split in separate experiences, as both modes come with their own set of unique and captivating features. Continue reading to delve into the specifics of what each has to offer.

Manager Career

There are two massive new elements introduced in Manager Career – Tactical Visions and Coaches. In addition to those two new features, there’s also an overhaul of the Training Plans and Pre-match Preparations. Here’s a rundown on what each feature brings to the table:

1. Tactical Vision:

  • Managers have the autonomy to influence major club decisions, either directly or through delegation.
  • The game aims to let you imprint your identity on your club’s performance both on and off the field.
  • You can select from 7 tactical philosophies, ranging from “Park the Bus” to “Gegenpressing”, to define your team’s play style.
  • Tactical Visions are based on real-world tactics and can be applied to any formation in the game.
  • Scouting has been revamped to help you find players that fit your tactical vision.

2. Coaches:

  • Teams are divided into departments: Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping. Players are linked to these departments based on their positions.
  • Coaches must be assigned to departments to benefit players.
  • Coaches possess two main attributes: Tactical Knowledge and Player Development.
  • Tactical Knowledge ranges from Novice to Expert and is tied to the coach’s understanding of the Tactical Visions.
  • Player Development is rated on a 1-5 star scale, specific to each department.
  • Coaches can be moved between departments or released, but releasing incurs a severance fee.

3. Training Plans:

  • Managers now must strike a balance between player sharpness and fitness throughout the season.
  • The revamped training system allows managers to set training priorities for players, focusing either on performance or energy recovery.
  • Training plans can be tailored to individual players or groups, such as the Starting XI or Reserves.

4. Pre-match Preparations:

  • Pre-match Reports offer crucial insights into your opponent on matchday including probable line-up, recent team performance and key players who require special attention.
  • Match Ready Training provides a range of drills, from Dribbling to Set Pieces, letting you either amplify your team’s prowess or counteract the opponent’s offensive strategies ahead of a game.

In essence, the Total Management System provides managers with comprehensive control over tactical decisions, coaching assignments, and training plans, ensuring a holistic approach to team management.

Player Career

For Player Career there’s one huge feature added in-game – Player Agent. The Player Agent will serve as a fixed figure throughout a player’s career, guiding the player through transfers, contract negotiations, and career-defining moments. Here are the main points of this new feature:

  • Target Team: This represents your next club in your career, and by meeting its objectives, you can secure a spot in the roster. However, ambitions must be realistic; clubs might decline based on various factors, but as you grow, they may reconsider.
  • Agent Recommendations: Based on your performance, your Agent offers club opportunities that align with your aspirations, considering factors like location, potential earnings, and tactical vision.
  • Objective Setting: Clubs set performance benchmarks, categorized as Mandatory (essential for contracts) and Optional (can enhance earnings), influenced by club strategy and your role.
  • Planning & Salary: Salary planning is crucial, and with the Agent’s help, you can set and finalize wage expectations, ensuring optimal choices and earnings.
  • Salary Dynamics: Club salaries differ based on their reputation and your rating, demanding balance between performance and wage expectations.
  • Loan System: If you fall short of your current club’s mandatory objectives, a loan move might be on the cards. Alternatively, you can seek a permanent move.
  • Free Agency: Should your contract expire and the club opts against renewal, you can either sign with a new club or enter free agency. Being a free agent can be lucrative, as it often comes with a wage bonus.

In addition to Player Agent, there’s also an upgraded Player Personality system that will allow players to assign a PlayStyle to their avatar. PlayStyles is one of the main FC 24 features, that offer unique boosts to players that will change the way they behave on the pitch.

The customization options have also been expanded and players can now assign tattoos, face guards, goggles and other items to their player.

Lastly, players can now participate with their avatar in training sessions ahead of each match that will also earn Personality Points to aid with the player development.

Dynamic Moments

Dynamic Moments highlight moments in Manager or Player Career and play them out as a cinematic scene. For FC 24, we will see even more celebrations at team and individual level. Highlights include:

  • Ballon d’Or gala, showcasing the ultimate individual player award.
  • The open-top bus parade to celebrate all season’s trophy wins.
  • Extravagant events for Manager of the Year and Player of the Season Awards.

The new Dynamic Moments will only be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in both Manager and Player Career.

Other Improvements

To wrap up things, the EA devs also listed the following improvements across the entire Career Mode:

  • Tactical View allows you to view the game from different angles of the pitch, such as touchline or behind the goal. You can even view a match from the stands as a fan.
  • Manager clothing and accessory options have been expanded, now including hoodies, tracksuits, sweater-shirt combos, and glasses.
  • Kit templates for Create Your Club now feature models with chest sponsors.
  • AI decision-making for loan buy clauses has been revamped with a points system, considering player quality, transfer budget impact, and squad depth.
  • AI’s player acquisition logic now factors in a club’s Youth Development Board Priority, making clubs like Manchester City and Real Madrid more competitive for young talents.
  • AI will maintain a balanced number of players on both sides of the field.

EA SPORTS FC 24 is set for release on September 29th and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. EA Play members and Ultimate Edition owners will be able to play the Early Access on September 29th.

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