LALIGA is set to kick off the 2023/24 competitive gaming season with the introduction of LALIGA FC Pro, marking a new phase in its partnership with EA SPORTS FC. This fresh start extends to the competitive gaming arena, unveiling a rebranded competition under the EA SPORTS FC sponsorship.

This season, 24 professional players will vie for glory in the newly minted EA SPORTS FC ecosystem, FC Pro, which boasts an elevated level of competition both domestically and internationally. LALIGA FC Pro now stands as Spain’s premier competitive gaming program. The rebranding of LALIGA FC Pro highlights the continuous effort to elevate the competition’s profile and professionalism.

What’s New?

The seventh season of competitive football gaming under LALIGA FC Pro is set to introduce numerous new features, starting with an updated competition format. The Regular Season is slated for two weekends between February and March, where participating clubs will be grouped into eight groups, battling for a spot in the Cup and the Final. The 1v1 match format makes a comeback, and the competition will tour new cities for in-person events, bringing the electrifying atmosphere closer to the community.

This season also sets a new record with the largest prize pool in its history, exceeding a whopping €350,000. LALIGA mentioned that more details about the season will be unveiled in the coming months, building up to the thrilling start in November with the LALIGA FC Pro SuperCup.

LALIGA FC Pro SuperCup: The Season’s First Showdown

Last season’s winners Real Betis and RC Celta, along with Atlético de Madrid and Real Valladolid, will clash in the LALIGA FC Pro SuperCup on November 11. This 1v1 tournament will be hosted at the UBeat Festival in Barcelona and will follow the new EA SPORTS FC Pro competitive format. The semi-finals will feature best of one matches, while the finals will see a best of two.

The showdown will be broadcasted across official LALIGA FC Pro channels on Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, DAZN, and LALIGA PLUS, starting at 6:00 p.m. on November 11.

Fans can look forward to a lot of entertaining content from the EA SPORTS FC Pro program throughout the season.

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