First FC 24 Modding Tool Released

Most PC players know how fun it is to play games with customized mods, a feature that enhances the gaming experience. With FC 24 just released, we already have the first modding tool that will allow players to edit the game for the first time.

Well known modder, Paulov aka Paulv2k4 has released the latest version of his editing tool Frostbite Modding Tool (FMT) allowing PC players to mod EA SPORTS FC 24.

What is Frostbite Modding Tool (FMT)?

The Frostbite Modding Tool (FMT) is a tool that allows PC users to create mods for FIFA/FC, Madden and other Frostbite Engine games. The tool consists of three main features:

  • Launcher – Allows running FC 24 with mods
  • Editor – Allows editing of FC 24 files and creation of mods
  • Tools – Allows Initfs and locale.ini editing

The tool can export and import various in-game graphic assets such as kits, faces or boots, and allows users to tweak gameplay files as well for offline use. Some modders for example have already managed to update the kits of some of unlicensed teams in FC 24:

It is important to highlight that the tool is still under development and may take a few weeks until a stable and complete version is released. However, modders can already start to experiment and check the game’s structure for future mods.

How to Download and Install FMT?

The open source software can be downloaded from Paulov’s GitHub page. The installation is pretty straightforward, simply unpack the downloaded archive file with programs such as WinRar or 7-Zip and run the FMT application with the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Select the preferred game from the tool’s menu, launch the editor and let it do its setup, which may take a few minutes based on the PC’s specs.

Once the tool finished building the cache for the selected game, users can start exploring and edit with the available functionalities of the software.

It is important to highlight that modding FC 24 is only possible on PC. Currently, there are no options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

An in-depth tutorial will be released in the near future on how to use this exceptional tool. In the meantime, it is advised to stay up to date with every release as the developer continues to improve FMT.


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