Mark11 Wins His Second E-League Championship

Mark “Mark11” Zakhary has been crowned the 2024 E-League champion after an exciting tournament that started last month.

The Melbourne City player successfully defended the title he won last year by thrashing Dylan Campbell 5-1 in Saturday’s final. Mark11 has won the E-League Championship back-to-back and will not only be proud of that feat but also by the fact that he will be representing Oceania at the FC Pro World Championship this June.

About E-League 2024

The E-League returned for its seventh season this year with a new format that saw players compete across two divisions, the E-League and E-League Challengers. The event kicked off on March 12 and saw the finest players from Oceania go head-to-head for the crown.

After five weeks of action on Twitch, the top 8 players advanced to the E-League 2024 Playoffs. Meanwhile, the bottom four contenders had to clash with the top four in the Challengers division through The Gauntlet for spots in the Playoffs.

The players who reached the Playoffs faced each other across three matchdays before the final eight clashed earlier today for the crown.

Following the incredible tournament which took almost two months, Mark11 has walked away with a bigger share of the $10,000 prize money that was up for grabs. He will fly high the flag of Melbourne City as he represents E-League at the first-ever FC Pro World Championship where the prize money is a whopping $1,000,000.

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