Montaxer Joins FC Lorient

FC Lorient welcomes Italian eSports sensation Andrea Montanini, aka Montaxer, for the 2023-2024 season, aiming to clinch the eLigue1 Uber Eats title.

The French club has unveiled its latest acquisition in their esports division, introducing Andrea Montanini, known in the esports scene as Montaxer, as their newest team member.

At just 22 years old, Montaxer, brings a wealth of experience and skill to FC Lorient. As a former player for US Salernitana and Genoa, Montaxer has already made his mark on the international stage. His impressive performance in the last season, finishing in the world’s top five, demonstrates his formidable talent in the EA Sport FC game.

Montaxer’s primary goal with FC Lorient is ambitious yet straightforward: to lead the team to its fourth Uber Eats eLigue 1 title. Given his status as a member of the Italian national eSports team and his recent achievements, Montaxer’s addition to FC Lorient is a strategic move to strengthen the team’s position in the competitive gaming world.

The Italian will join Julien “Fouma” Perbal, following the departure of Corentin “Maestro” Thuillier. Fouma’s successful past collaborations with international players, such as Dan “Stingray” Ray in the eLigue 1 forecasts a new formidable pair in the esports scene. Montaxer’s arrival coincides with a growing trend of international players joining the French eSports league, enriching the competitive landscape.

Montaxer’s integration into the team alongside Julien “Fouma” Perbal, the reigning French champion, promises an exciting and potentially victorious season for FC Lorient in the eLigue1 Uber Eats.

eLigue1 Uber Eats is part of the new FC Pro ecosystem, and the league winners will qualify for the inaugural FC Pro World Championship next summer.

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