DidyChrislito Signs With Toronto FC

Another esports transfer for the history books has been announced recently, with Christopher “DidyChrislito” Holly joining Toronto FC for the new eMLS season.

The move has been confirmed by Toronto FC following the Path to Pro Boot Camp program, in which four professional players competed for the opportunity to represent the Canadian club in the upcoming 2024 eMLS season. This season marks the fifth eMLS participation for the 27-year-old, who previously competed under the banner of New York City FC.

Originally from Haiti, DidyChrislito has been an active competitor since 2017 representing the United States on the international esports stage. The highlights of his professional career include the 2019 eChampions League trophy, the 2021 eMLS Cup and and achieving top honors twice at the North American FGS qualifiers.

DidyChrislito’s next challenge will be in the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier that will kick off this weekend, where he aims to continue his legacy in competitive gaming.

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