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How and Where to Find Youth Academy Players with PlayStyles in FC 24 Career Mode

FC 24 Career Mode allows players to take on the role of a manager, building and leading a team to victory. One important aspect of this mode is the Youth Academy, which allows you to recruit and develop young talent.

The Youth Academy offers a variety of player types and playstyles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these player types and playstyles is essential for making smart recruitment decisions and building a winning team.

In this article, we’ll delve into the different player types in the Youth Academy, and provide tips on how and where to find players with the right playstyles to suit your team’s needs.

How To Increase Your Chances of Finding Youth Academy Players with PlayStyles

Remember that a scout’s Judgment and Experience rating affect the quality and quantity of players they’re able to find. A scout with high Judgment will send you a greater percentage of high-quality players, whereas a scout with high Experience will be able to find more players in general.

So, a scout with high Judgment may be more selective in the players they recommend, but they’re more likely to send you players with high potential, attributes and playstyles. On the other hand, a scout with high Experience may send you more players overall, but they may not all be high-quality.

Therefore, it is important to have better scouts in both Judgment and Experience to increase your chances of finding a lot of higher quality youth academy players with playstyles. It is also always recommended to save before the day your scout returns with a report so you can increase your chances of finding the ideal player in short period of time. If you find that he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can always reload and try again. Presently, there is no 100% specific way to find regular Playstyles or Playstyles+.

Where To Find Youth Academy Players With PlayStyles


The Goalkeeper Player Type is the most straightforward in the Youth Academy. If you ask your scout to seek out goalies, that’s exactly what they’ll do. It’s a clear and precise directive, much like asking a chef to prepare a specific dish. The outcome is expected and defined. The search for the perfect goalkeeper with all the Playstyles in Career Mode is a bit of a gamble.

Your scout may return with a goalkeeper who has a single regular Playstyle, such as ‘Rushes Out’ or ‘Far Throw,’ or a goalkeeper with a Playstyle+, which is a more advanced version of a Playstyle. However, it really comes down to the luck of the draw. You may get a keeper who can rush out and smother shots like a ninja, or you may get one who can toss the ball like a quarterback but can’t catch a cross to save their life. It’s all part of the fun of the scouting process in Career Mode!

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Far Throw, Cross Claimer, Rushes Out and Footwork

Countries likely to find Platinum Goalkeepers: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.


Physically Strong in Youth Academy refers to a player type that emphasizes physical attributes such as strength, power, and stamina and mental attribute, aggression over technical skills. These players are typically towering and muscular, like human tanks on the pitch. They often excel in aerial duels, outmuscling opponents off the ball, and bulldozing their way through the opposition’s defense.

You might not see them pull off fancy tricks or silky dribbles, but they’ll win the ball back like a bull and help your team dominate the physical side of the game. You’re most likely to find Attackers in this Player Type with Acrobatic and Quick Step and Midfielders and Defenders with Aerial, Relentless and Bruiser.

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Bruiser, Acrobatic, Quick Step, Rapid, Aerial, Trivela, Long Throw, Long Pass and Jockey.

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Morocco, Ghana, Algeria, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Argentina and Brazil


The Winger Player Type in the Youth Academy refers to a player that specializes in playing on the flanks, typically on either the left or right side of the pitch. They are known for their speed, agility, and technical ability, which they use to beat defenders, create chances, and deliver crosses into the box.

They are often characterized by their quick feet and ability to take on defenders one-on-one. While not always the most physically imposing players, their technical skills and pace often make up for it, allowing them to create havoc for opposing defenses. They are often an exciting and dynamic addition to any team, providing width and creativity to the attack.

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Rapid, Quick Step, Trickster, Finesse Shot, Technical, Trivela, Flair and Whipped Pass

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, England and France.


Defensive Minded in Youth Academy describes a player type that is focused on the defensive side of the game. These players are known for their positioning, tackling, and intercepting ability. They’re often the backbone of the defense, breaking up opposition attacks and shielding the backline.

They’re not necessarily the flashiest players, but they’re the unsung heroes who do the dirty work and win the ball back. They often play in the center of the park, either in defensive midfield or center back, and their job is to win possession, stop counter attacks, and disrupt the opposition’s rhythm. They’re not afraid to get stuck in and make a tackle, and they’re always looking to snuff out any danger before it becomes a problem.

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Intercept, Bruiser, Block, Slide Tackle, Anticipate, Relentless, Jockey, Aerial and Long Pass

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, England and Germany


The Playmaker Player Type in the youth academy relates to the creative maestro on the pitch. They’re known for their vision, passing accuracy, and decision-making abilities. Playmakers are the puppeteers who pull the strings in the midfield, creating opportunities and orchestrating the flow of the game.

They’re often given a free role on the pitch to roam and find pockets of space to unlock the opposition’s defense. They’re like the conductor of an orchestra, always looking to play that killer pass, threading the needle, and carving out chances for their teammates. Playmakers are the heartbeat of the team, and without them, the team’s rhythm and creativity can suffer.

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Pinged Pass, Incisive Pass, Whipped Cross, Long Ball, Technical, Flair, Tiki Taka, First Touch, Trivela, Dead Ball and Press Proven

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Poland and Norway


Attacker in youth academy refers to a player type who’s all about putting the ball in the back of the net! They’re characterized by their clinical finishing, explosive speed, and flair. These players are a nightmare for defenders, always looking to make a run in behind, or cut inside and take a shot from distance.

They’re the ultimate goal-scoring machines, with an eye for goal and a knack for finding the back of the net. They’re the type of player who can turn a game on its head with one moment of brilliance, and they’re the players that fans want to see on the ball, because they know something special is about to happen!

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: Trickster, Technical, Flair, Quick Step, Power Shot, Chip Shot and Finesse Shot

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Argentina and Brazil


Technical players in youth academy are like artists on the pitch, they’re known for their silky touch, close control, and intricate footwork. These players thrive in tight spaces, they have the ability to take on multiple opponents with ease, and their technique is simply exquisite. They’re the kind of players that can make defenders look silly with their dribbling skills, and they’re always looking to play that clever through ball or pull off a neat little trick to get past their marker.

They’re the ones who put on a show and get the crowd on their feet with their fancy footwork. They may not always be the most physical or fastest players, but they more than make up for it with their technical ability.

Playstyles mostly found in this Player Type: First Touch, Pinged Pass, Incisive Pass, Whipped Cross, Trickster, Tiki Taka, Technical, Finesse Shot, Flair, Trivela, Dead Ball and Press Proven

Countries likely to find Platinum players: Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia and Belgium

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