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The Definitive Guide for the Best Tactical Visions in FC 24 Career Mode

The latest EA Sports FC instalment brings a new and exciting feature for Career Mode aficionados – Tactical Visions. This nifty feature gives you the power to fine-tune your team’s play style, allowing you to tailor it to your unique preferences and goals. Mastering Tactical Visions in EA Sports FC 24 is essential to building a dominant team and becoming a managerial legend.

Of course, choosing the right Tactical Vision is a matter of personal preference, but there are a few that really pack a punch. Based on our time with the game, we’ve found that utilizing the following tactics will have your team playing like champions in no time!


It’s not rocket science, Gegenpressing is considered by many to be the best Tactical Vision in Career Mode because it’s a highly effective and aggressive strategy. Essentially, it involves aggressively pressing the opposition in their own third of the pitch, with the aim of winning back the ball and creating goal-scoring opportunities before the opposition can settle back into shape.


This approach can be really effective because it can disrupt the opposition’s rhythm and create uncertainty in their ranks, which can lead to mistakes and chances for your team. Plus, it can also help to keep your team on the front foot and in control of the game, which is always a good thing in football! While Gegenpressing has its advantages, it’s important to consider these crucial elements when incorporating it into your Career Mode strategy:

  • It requires a high level of fitness and endurance from players, as they have to constantly press and chase the opposition.
  • It relies on the entire team working together as a cohesive unit, rather than just a few individuals.
  • It often involves a lot of quick, short passes and off-the-ball movement to create space and overload the opposition.


Wing Play is another potent tactical vision in Career Mode because it maximizes the width of the pitch to stretch the opposition’s defense. This tactic uses the pace and skill of wingers and full-backs to create space on the flanks, allowing them to make dangerous runs into the box and deliver crosses and cut-backs to waiting attackers.

This approach can be particularly effective against teams that play with a compact defense, as it forces them to commit players to defend the wings, opening up space in the center of the pitch. Ultimately, Wing Play is a versatile and effective tactic that can create numerous scoring opportunities and keep the opposition on their heels. However, if you’re considering using Wing Play as your tactical vision, here are some essential factors to take into account:

  • Player selection: Choose wingers and full-backs with high pace, agility, and dribbling attributes to exploit the wings effectively.
  • Training: Focus on developing players’ crossing, passing, and stamina attributes to maximize their effectiveness on the wings.
  • Formation: Use a formation with wide attacking options, such as a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 with attacking full-backs.
  • Instructions: Use instructions like “Overlap”, and “Join the attack” on your full backs to take advantage of the space created on the wings.


If you are looking for a possession-based style of play, with short passing and rotations, then Tiki-Taka is definitely for you. Think of it as a tactical chess match on the pitch, where each move is calculated to achieve the desired outcome. The tiki-taka style emphasizes short, precise passes and maintaining possession of the ball, which can frustrate the opposition and create openings in their defense.

Players make continuous off-the-ball movements to open up passing lanes and create space. The team also applies intense pressure on the opposition when they lose possession, aiming to quickly regain control of the ball. The style is all about patience and building attacks methodically, with the ultimate goal of tiring out the opposition and creating scoring opportunities through precise passing and movement. However, to unlock the full potential of Tiki-Taka, it is important to consider the following:

  • Player selection: Choose players with excellent technical skills, including dribbling, passing, ball control and technical playstyle.
  • Formation: Use a formation with a high defensive line and narrow midfield, like a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1.
  • Training: Focus on developing players’ technical skills, such as passing, vision, and awareness of space.
  • Patience: The most important aspect is to be patient and build attacks gradually, waiting for the right moment to strike.


When it comes to tactical visions in Career Mode, counter-attacking is a force to be reckoned with. The essence of this style is to swiftly shift from defense to offense, catching the opposition off guard and opening up goal-scoring opportunities. Speed and directness are crucial, as the attacking team seeks to bypass the opposition’s defense and create numerical advantages.

The key to success lies in exploiting the space left behind by the opposition, as they push forward, and utilizing quick decision-making, composure, and resilience under pressure. However, Counter-attacking demands a disciplined and coordinated approach, and when executed effectively, it can be a devastating weapon in any team’s arsenal. Here are some tips for maximizing your counter-attacking vision in career mode:

  • Utilize pacey wingers and full-backs to initiate and sustain attacks down the flanks.
  • Employ a deep-lying playmaker who can quickly distribute the ball to launch counter-attacks.
  • Use a striker with strong hold-up play abilities to create space for onrushing teammates.
  • Employ high stamina, defensive and attacking work rates for midfielders and full backs to ensure the team remains compact and transition quickly from defense to attack.

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