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How To Create Your Own Regens in FC 24 Career Mode

Regens are a controversial phenomenon in FC 24 Career Mode where retiring players are replaced by similar ‘regenerated’ players. While this keeps the game’s player pool fresh, it also allows gamers to easily identify and exploit cheap, overpowered players, which goes against the spirit of the game.

For those who are bothered by the repetitive nature of regens, we’ve come up with a nifty trick to make things more interesting. Instead of relying on pre-existing players, we can generate unique, never-before-seen players from scratch!

That means players from obscure footballing nations like Samoa or Somalia could suddenly be producing the next big thing. It’s like spinning a roulette wheel – you never know what talent you might uncover. With this technique, the world of football could become a lot more exciting and diverse, and you could be the one to discover the next gem!

The idea here is to introduce more randomization into the regen creation process, making it more unpredictable and challenging, and ultimately creating a more authentic and satisfying Career Mode experience.

Wondering about these mysterious ‘regens’ you’ve heard about? Allow me to direct you to our handy guide on regens and pregens – it’s got all the deets on these player replacements and will answer all your burning questions. Consider it your one-stop shop for regen info!

How To Create Your Own Regens?

It’s easy-peasy to create high-potential regens – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Update Squads

Before you jump into Career Mode, make sure to hit up the Customise tab and select Edit Teams. Then, you’ll want to select the Download Updates option. This will ensure that your teams are up-to-date with the latest transfers, ratings, and other player data.

Step 2: Create a Player

Once you’re back in the Customise menu, select ‘Create Player.’ You’ll be bombarded with a ton of options, but most of them are totally unnecessary. The following steps are essentials you need to focus on.

Step 3: Select Nationality

One of the perks of creating a regen player is that you’re not limited to the usual youth scouting options. You can go wild and select any nationality you want – no need to stick to the usual suspects. It’s like having a secret superpower to bring any player from any country onto the game!

Step 4: Select Team

The key factor to consider when creating a regen player is the league they’re associated with. The player will eventually retire, and when they do, the regen will appear in the same league. But keep in mind that the original team will have this player for at least one season before they retire, so pick a team that makes sense for the player’s career trajectory. It’s like playing 4D chess – you’ve got to think ahead! Alternatively, you can place them as Free Agent so they can have total control over their future.

Step 5: Select Position

Choose the position you want the regen to specialize in. This is important as it will inform their natural growth in Career Mode. However, it is also important to note that you are limited to these positions when creating a player: GK, CB, RB, LB, CDM, CM, CAM, LM, RM and ST. For some frustrating odd reason, RWB, LWB, LW. RW & CF aren’t available.

Step 6: Set Date of Birth

This is crucial as the entire process of obtaining a regen player is contingent upon the timing of the original player’s retirement. To increase the probability of retirement after a single season, select birthdate that is closer to the age of 40 or over, e.g 01 January 1980. This is because older players are more likely to retire earlier in career mode.

Step 7: Set Attributes

Attributes are irrelevant, as your created player won’t share the same attributes as their regen. However, what is important to note here is that all created regens regardless of what attributes you gave created players will spawn with “Has potential To Be Special”.

Step 8: Save & Exit

To preserve your hard work creating that player, remember to hit “Done” and then select the “Save” option. That way, your creation will be safely tucked away until you’re ready to unleash them in Career Mode!

Step 9: Repeat Steps 2-8 (optional)

To add additional custom regens, simply follow the same process you did the first time around. Once you’ve created one player, you can rinse and repeat as many times as you like, building a whole squad of hand-crafted players!

Step 10: Start Career Mode

Another crucial step! To ensure that your custom regens appear in your save, you’ll want to select the “Current Squads” option. This will include all players that you’ve created, rather than just the default option. It’s like hitting the ‘customize’ button on your squad lineup, giving you full control over your team’s composition.

Why Creating Your Own Regens Can Offer Something Unique To Your Career Mode Experience?

When creating custom regens in Career Mode, it’s recommended to refrain from tracking the original players and waiting to purchase their regens. Instead, leave them be and focus on building your team with the players you have.

This creates a more dynamic and unpredictable Career Mode experience, and forces you to discover hidden gems and develop young talent. It’s a more challenging, but potentially more rewarding approach. This approach brings four benefits to the table:

  • It breaks the monotony of the top players hailing from the typical football powerhouses such as Spain, Brazil etc. Instead, it opens up the game to hidden talent from under-the-radar nations, making the player pool more diverse and exciting. It’s like a breath of fresh air for the transfer market, shaking up the status quo and bringing new flavors to the table!
  • It also has the added benefit of leveling the playing field in European competitions. By giving underdogs from smaller leagues a chance to shine, it creates more exciting matchups and raises the stakes.
  • It also makes international tournaments way more thrilling. With more talented players coming from diverse countries, it creates a more dynamic and competitive landscape. No longer would fans be able to predict the usual suspects for the final rounds – it’d be a complete toss-up. The element of surprise adds an exciting edge to the whole tournament experience!
  • Suddenly, your rivals have access to a wider pool of skilled players, which makes the competition more intense. You gotta stay on your toes, because anyone could sneak up and dethrone you at any time.

This is a unique way to spice up career mode for seasoned veterans. It keeps things interesting by injecting new and distinctive players into the game, and also keeps you on your toes as you face tougher competition from your rivals. It’s like upgrading to a whole new level of difficulty, taking the game to the next stage!

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