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Training Drills to Improve Your Passing on EA FC 24

Passing may not be as glamorous as having a striker with 97 pace and 95 shooting, but it remains an incredibly important attribute for EA FC 24 gamers. Imagine carving a team apart with beautiful tiki-taka before limping the ball over to your lethal forward to score from close range. Well, that’s the beauty of having the best passers in your Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

With the training drills on EA FC 24, you can improve the passing of your players on Career Mode to the level where they can make accurate passes even when under extreme pressure. With that said, let’s have a look at the training drills to improve your passing on EA FC Sports 24 Career Mode.

1. Beat and Cross

In this drill, you will practice beating the defender before passing the ball. Your player will be in a highlighted zone with the defender and you need to find away to overcome them before getting a clear chance to cross. This drill may look difficult, but it’s actually easy, especially if your player is a good dribbler and has at least three-star skill moves.

The easiest way to perform this drill is to use dribbling to create open space between you and the defender before attempting the cross. Note that the highlighted zone changes position every minute.

2. Wide Area Passing

The wide area passing is another drill to polish your passing on EA FC 24. In this drill, you’ll practice passing to a highlighted player while avoiding defenders. The secret here is to pass the ball to other players to open up space and distract defenders before completing your mission, which is passing to the highlighted player. This drill is not only crucial in developing individual players but the whole team.

3. Timed Lobbed Through Pass

With this drill, your player’s speed of passing will increase with time as the aim objective is to execute lob passes to designated teammates and score goals while avoiding offside.

Here, you will have to pay attention to the offside rule as it’s crucial to ensure your receiver is behind the last defender at the time of the pass. For those who don’t know how to lob, you can achieve this by using combination of L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE.

4. Game Crossing Scenarios

Crossing is one of the easiest things to do in EA Sports FC 24, just like it was in the previous editions of FIFA. However, finding your target player is the real task.

When attacking, some gamers prefer to cross the ball in an attempt to find a striker in the box to score. But if your player is not good at passing, most of the crosses will be wasted, which is why you need to perform the game crossing scenarios drill to increase their crossing accuracy.

In this drill, you will cross the ball into the box and aim for your teammates while avoiding defenders.Try to match the power of the cross with the position of the open player in the box. The drill will increase your chances of a successful cross.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

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