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What’s eFootball Championship? Everything To Know on Konami’s eSports Competition

After a total of over 20 million participants competed in last year’s eFootball Championship Open, the largest eFootball competition has returned again for another season.

eFootball gamers have every reason to be happy as there are plenty of rewards to be claimed during the event. However, things will be slightly different this year as a new event has been introduced.

KONAMI has launched the eFootball Championship Club Event, which is a tournament series open to every gamer to determine the number one fans of given clubs. The event is exclusively sponsored by the partner club, of which FC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona are the only clubs to have been confirmed as of the time of writing.

Before taking a deep dive into the eFootball Championship Club Event, let’s first have a look at the essential info you need to know about the eFootball Championship Open.

The eFootball Championship Open

The eFootball Championship Open has retained its usual format and will start on Monday (January 22). Like the previous season, joining the event is a simple procedure as you have to play the Challenge Events in the game. There will be Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 and then the regional finals.

The competition is in four categories: PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Mobile. The eFootball Championship Open 2024 champion will clash against the winner of the eFootball Championship for the ultimate crown come July 2024 in Tokyo.

What is eFootball Championship Club Event?

The eFootball Championship Club Event is here to see to it that new talents emerge and get the golden opportunity to represent their favourite clubs. It is open to anyone on mobile and console, and has replaced the eFootball Championship Pro, which involved European clubs signing top professional eSports players to represent them. KONAMI officially discontinued the eFootball Championship Pro in early December last year.

So, have you ever dreamt of playing for your favourite team? eFootball has finally made it possible through the new Club Event, which represents the future of football simulation for KONAMI. The pinnacle of this tournament is the World Finals, which is usually held offline and broadcasted worldwide.

eFootball Championship Club Event Format

The event starts with three online qualifiers per region. The regions are Americas, Africa and Europe, Asia West and Asia East & Oceania & the remaining areas.

Once the three online rounds have been completed, the players will meet at a named venue for offline competition to determine who will represent the club at the World Finals in Tokyo. There will be plenty of in-game rewards for the players who will participate at the event.

Which Teams Are Participating in the Club Events?

As already mentioned, the only partners who have been confirmed so far are La Liga club Barcelona and Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. However, more clubs are expected to join soon.

Barcelona are on the verge of producing their representatives as the first three rounds have already been played. Round 1 was played from December 11 to 18 and Round 2 commenced on December 22 and lasted for three days. Round 3 took place on January 6 2024.

There were eight winners from round 3, who will meet in Barcelona, Spain, on February 10 for the club’s finals. Adrenal1ne Events, who are the tournament’s operators, will choose the venue for the competition within the Spanish city.

Meanwhile, the FC Bayern Munich Club Event kicked off on Monday (January 15) and will last for seven days. Round 2 will then run from January 26 to 28. There will be a three-week break before Round 3 is played on February 17. All regional winners will then meet at Allianz Arena on March 28 for the Club Finals.

How to Watch the Club Events Finals

All the Club Events Finals will be streamed on eFootball’s official YouTube and Facebook channels. If you won’t be able to stream the events, don’t worry because the entire show will later be uploaded on YouTube.

To find more info on this season’s eFootball Championship Open and Club Events, you can check eFootball’s website.

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