FC Pro Open: Thrilling Highlights from Match Week Two

After a hectic conclusion to Match Week One, dive into the key moments of Match Week Two at the FC Pro Open.

The second match week of FC Pro Open kickstarted in London with high anticipation as the all-Latin American Group B took the stage. The spotlight was on Brazilian sensation PHzin, an automatic qualifier, whose performance was eagerly awaited following his exemption from the Global Qualifier.

FC Pro Open Match Week Two Round-up

PHzin quickly dispelled any concerns about his form, putting up a remarkable show by defeating eLaLiga champion Bonanno 5-2. This victory over one of the world’s best set the tone for the Brazilian’s campaign.

Simultaneously, Young faced Argentine FacuCowen, a relatively new name on the elite circuit, who had an impressive unbeaten streak in the Global Qualifier. However, Young emerged victorious with a 6-4 score, indicating the intense competitiveness of Group B.

PHzin continued his impressive run by beating his Brazilian compatriot Young. His aggressive gameplay and strategy led to a convincing 6-2 victory. Meanwhile, Mexican player Happy, recently signed with Tuzzy Esports, marked his FC Pro Open debut with a solid 3-1 win against FacuCowen, proving his qualification was well-deserved.

The third round was crucial for Bonanno, who faced Happy in a nerve-wracking match. Despite a close game, Happy gained the upper hand with two second-half goals, leaving Bonanno at the bottom of the group standings. At the same time, PHzin and FacuCowen delivered a nail-biting match that ended in a dramatic draw, courtesy of a late equalizer from FacuCowen.

The fourth round saw PHzin’s continued dominance, culminating in a resounding 7-1 victory over Happy. Young also secured a significant win against Bonanno, with notable performances from his players, Mbappé and Putellas.

The final round of Match Week Two was crucial for the Argentinian players as FacuCowen dominated Bonanno with a decisive 7-1 victory. The highlight was the matchup between Young and Happy, ending in a 4-4 draw, leaving both players tied in points but Young ahead on goal difference.

FC Pro Open Group B Standings

The final standings in Group B see PHzin leading with 10 points, followed by Young and Happy with 7 points and FacuCowen with 4 points. At the bottom of the table, we find Man City’s Bonanno with 0 points and a difficult road ahead of him in this competition.

FC Pro Live Items Upgrades

The performances led to upgrades for the FC Pro Live items of van den Boomen (PHzin), Willian (Young), and Thauvin (Happy), reflecting their on-field successes.

Match Week Two of the FC Pro Open showcased the incredible talent and strategic depth of Group B players. PHzin’s dominance, along with the impressive performances from Young and Happy, set an exciting tone for the tournament’s future rounds.

What are the FC Pro Open Dates?

The final phase of the FC Pro Open will be held over an 8-week schedule as presented below:

  • Match Week 1 – 27th Nov, 2023 
  • Match Week 2 – 4th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 3 – 11th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 4 –18th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 5 – 8th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 6 –15th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 7 – 22nd Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 8 – 29th Jan, 2024 
  • Final – 3rd Feb, 2024

Fans can tune in to EA Sports’ Twitch and YouTube channels and see their favourite pros compete for the FC Pro Open title.

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