FC Pro Open: Details of Match Week Seven

On Monday night, all eyes were at the FC Pro Open Match Week Seven as Group C played their final games. Dubbed the group of death, Group C was one of the closest and provided us with another memorable night as ManuBachoore, Vejrgang, AntoniniGabriel, seanldw, and AbuMakkah clashed for a second time.

Vejrgang became the first player in this year’s Group Stages to remain unbeaten and booked his spot in the Finals alongside AbuMakkah who finished second. The two have since joined Group A‘s Emre Yilmaz and Umut, and Group B‘s PHzin and Young in the next stage.

Whereas Vejrgang will face Young in the last eight, AbuMakkah will have a difficult challenge against PHzin.

Let’s dive into the details of FC Pro Open Match Week Seven and find out how the original favourite ManuBachoore, AntoniniGabriel and seanldw missed the chance to qualify.

FC Pro Open Match Week Seven Highlights

Heading into Match Week Seven, Vejrgang led the way but he was closely followed by AbuMakkah who was also determined to proceed to the Finals. No one had secured their spot in the top two just yet as ManuBachoore, seanldw and AntoniniGabriel were aiming for a late surge up the table.

The action got underway with ManuBachoore, who was at the bottom of the table with zero wins, clashing with AntoniniGabriel. Knowing very well that anything apart from a win would deter his hopes of reaching the Finals, the world champion thrashed AntoniniGabriel 8-3 to start his night in the best way possible. In another Round 6 game, AbuMakkah increased the gap between him and third placed seanldw by thrashing the German 6-1.

Round 7 saw Vejrgang and ManuBachoore clash in a game that would eventually determine ManuBachoore’s fate. Despite being 2-1 up after 30 minutes of play, ManuBachoore couldn’t protect his lead against the fierce Vejrgang who eventually won the game 5-3. The rivalry between the two is so intense such that Verjang didn’t shake ManuBachoore’s hand after the match. Elsewhere, seanldw kept his hopes of staying alive in the group by beating AntoniniGabriel 4-2.

ManuBachoore was back at it again in Round 8 facing AbuMakkah. The Dutchman, who was already out of the race, held AbuMakkah to a draw. Meanwhile, across the room, Vejrgang beat AntoniniGabriel 4-2 to book his spot in the Finals.

Round 9 provided AbuMakkah with what he needed to join Vejrgang in the Finals – victory. The Team Falcons player beat AntoniniGabriel 7-5. In another match, Vejrgang was held to a 3-3 draw by seanldw.

The final games of the evening saw AbuMakkah clash with Vejrgang and ManuBachoore battle it out against seanldw. A 5-2 win by Vejrgang meant that he finished on top of the table and became the first player in this year’s Group Stages to remain unbeaten. In the other game, ManuBachoore proved too strong for seanldw, thrashing the German 7-2.

Group C Standings

Here’s how things look in Group C after all rounds were played on Monday night in London:

Live Item Upgrades

With the final standings confirmed, we also know which FC Pro Live player items from Group C got upgraded:

FC Pro Open Dates

The final phase of the FC Pro Open will be held over an 8-week schedule as presented below:

  • Match Week 1 – 27th Nov, 2023
  • Match Week 2 – 4th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 3 – 11th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 4 –18th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 5 – 8th Jan, 2024
  • Match Week 6 –15th Jan, 2024
  • Match Week 7 – 22nd Jan, 2024
  • Match Week 8 – 29th Jan, 2024
  • Final – 3rd Feb, 2024

Fans can tune in to EA Sports’ Twitch and YouTube channels and see their favourite pros compete for the FC Pro Open title and also win rewards while doing so.

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