EA Announces The FC Pro Open Global Qualifier Competitors

With the conclusion of the FC Pro Open Ladders and Regional Qualifiers, we now know the 64 players who will compete in the next phase of the tournament – the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier.

Earlier in August, EA unveiled their new esports ecosystem ahead of the release of FC 24, announcing a fresh format and a record $1 million prize pool for the entire tournament. FC Pro is a unique program focusing on elite 1v1 competition, showcasing top players on their journey to the FC Pro World Championships. It provides a streamlined schedule and direct access to the World Championships for leading competitors from League Partner competitions such as ePremier League or eMLS.

The Open Global Qualifier is indeed the first major step towards the World Championships, where 64 pro players from around the globe will compete to secure their spots in the FC Pro Open Championship.

Who Qualified?

The 54 regional qualifiers winners who topped their regions are:

  • Africa: AnasBadr & xcharifx
  • Asia North: Atsuyabb & Ebipool
  • Asia South: AkmalJHD & Kun
  • Europe East: Serhatinho, Sean_ldw07, NEissaT14, Montaxer, lukas_official11, Kekkova, julien_fngk, JistenNSQ, JH7, damie, BerkayLion & Antonini_Gabriel 
  • Europe West: AdriCifuentes, Assault, cameronrock2307, Deshe, dsaanchez, H1dalgo, jafonso, Leks, LevideWeerd, LPeixoto, NiKSNEB & Rauni
  • LATAM North: Albertss, Brechex, HappYMeaL664 & Sebas
  • LATAM South: Cowen, Dudu, Gabrielpn, Kiketo, Klinger, Paulo Neto, Valen & Young
  • Middle East: 1OS, AboMakkah, iAlawe12 & MohannadAlmsmary
  • North America: Agitpower, Chris, Joksan & K1John
  • Oceania: Fadi & ANezer

These players will join the following 12 invited players to compete live in London starting November 10:

  • Emre Yimaz
  • Fouma
  • Lamps
  • matiasbonnano99
  • Msdossary
  • nicolas99fc
  • Ollelito
  • Tekkz
  • Tuga
  • Umut
  • Vejrgang
  • Yuval

Initially, these 64 players will compete in a Swiss format, with the top 32 advancing to the knockout rounds over the weekend. During this phase, they will be placed into one of four double-elimination knockout groups, with the outcome determining the 16 players who will move on to the FC Pro Open Championship. Those not advancing will share a portion of the $180,000 prize pool.

Criticism Mounts Against EA

Following the unveiling of FC Pro, the program faced substantial criticism from both fans and professional players. The primary concern was the preference given to traditional sports organizations, where players represent real-life football clubs over traditional esports organizations. Additionally, the limited number of slots for the FC Pro World Championship and the invitation-based format were not well-received either.

The structure of the program resulted in several pro players, who failed to qualify for the Global Qualifier, seeing their professional season come to an early end in October. The only remaining competitive opportunities for these players are the League Partners competitions, provided they are signed by a club participating in these partnered leagues.

Some notable pro players who failed to qualify include big names such as Stingray, Tom Stokes, EthxnH, Tom Leese, Răzvan Puiu, Neat, Er_Caccia98, and Dullen.

Last year, there were more opportunities for pro players to compete for big prizes in competitions such as FIFAe Club Series or the FIFAe Nations Series. Unfortunately, following the split between EA and FIFA, those competitions were left in limbo.

What’s Next in the FC Pro Calendar?

The 16 players advancing from the Global Qualifier will be joined by 4 invited players in the FC Pro Open, bringing the total number of competitors to 20. They will be grouped into four clusters, with each player facing others within their group twice from late November through late January 2024. The top two players from each group will secure their places at the FC Pro World Championship.

The event boasts a $500,000 prize pool, with awards ranging from $80,000 for 1st place down to $10,000 for those placing 17th to 20th. For players who didn’t qualify for the FC Pro Open, the FC Pro Open Ladder reopens in November and December, offering a chance to qualify for monthly regional tournaments. The Ladder and Cup dates for November and December have been outlined, with EA confirming a cumulative prize pool of $320,000 across all Regional Cup competitions.

In June, the FC Pro World Championship will crown the EA SPORTS FC 24 World Champion. It’ll feature the top four pro players from the FC Pro Open and 28 others from global league competitions. Running from February to April, FC Pro Leagues will feature League Partner competitions globally, allowing players to represent their favorite clubs on the virtual pitch.

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