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How to Choose a Fun Career Mode Team in FC 24

Before you even get the opportunity to pen down wonderkids and polish your tactics and managerial vision, you have to choose which team you want to manage.

However, it is no small feat, sometimes you will just want to choose the team you support in real life and prove you could do a better job than the manager presently in charge. That is what most people would do. However, you might want a more captivating save, and harness the potential of new features in FC 24 to tell astounding tales you would not be able to discover in any other game.

That’s exactly where this article comes in. Of course, you could go your own way and make whatever save you fancy. Perhaps a team has a cool name and you want to bring them to the top. Perhaps a team has fallen from grace in recent years and you want to restore them to their former glory. Despite your reasoning, here is a criterion on how to choose your ideal career mode team in FC 24 that is sure to offer you an exciting save and a chiefly rewarding managerial experience.

Mix of Talents and Experience

Generally speaking, choosing a team with a mixture of talent and experience can make the game more interesting and challenging. On the one hand, young players with high potential can bring excitement and energy to your team, and they can grow and develop over time into world-class players. They have more room for improvement, so you can develop them into the exact type of player you need for your team.

On the other hand, experienced players bring leadership, stability, and tactical know-how to the team. They tend to be more reliable and consistent performers than younger players, which means they can help you get more consistent results on the field. And lastly, they can be valuable mentors for younger players, helping them to develop their skills and reach their potential. So it’s a matter of finding the right balance between these two types of players that will make the game more fun for you.

Low Budget

Choosing a team with a low budget can make your career mode more fun and challenging in a few ways. First, it forces you to be more creative and resourceful in your team building. You can’t just go out and buy the best players like Mbappé and Haaland in-game, so you have to find and develop hidden gems.

Second, it adds an extra layer of realism to the game, as many real-life clubs have to operate within a budget. With this said, you should avoid using any financial takeovers at the beginning of your career. That is because, when you’re working with limited resources, every goal, every point, and every trophy is sweeter. It also allows you to take more pride in your team because you know you’re not just buying your way to success.

Finally, the budget restriction adds an element of risk and reward to the game, as you have to carefully consider every decision you make.

Areas of Improvement

Choosing a team with areas of improvement on the field can be a lot of fun because it adds a new layer of strategy to the game. You’re not just trying to build the best team possible, but you’re also trying to find the right combination of players to address specific weaknesses in your team. For example, if your team is great at attacking but not so great at defending, you might want to prioritize signing defenders and defensive midfielders.

It’s also interesting to consider the emotional aspect of choosing a team with areas of improvement. When you take over a team that’s struggling, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with turning them around. You feel like you’ve really accomplished something when you go from a team that’s languishing at the bottom of the table to one that’s challenging for the championship. It’s a bit like a redemption story, and that can be really satisfying. Plus, it makes those big wins feel even more special.


Choosing a team with authentic nice kits, face scanned players and stadium might seem superficial, but it can actually make a big difference in how much you enjoy your career mode. It’s not just about having the best players, but also about having a team that’s visually appealing and recognizable. After all, part of the appeal of career mode is the sense of immersion, and having a team that looks and feels authentic is an important part of that.

Having a lively and passionate home crowd can make a big difference to the atmosphere of your matches, and it can give you a sense of competitive advantage. It also just makes the game more fun to play! Plus, it’s nice to have a stadium with unique aesthetic. For example, Carrow Road of Norwich or Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Pérez of Getafe are iconic stadiums that can add to the experience of career mode.

Club History

How would choosing a team with a rich or successful history but has fallen in the last years make my career mode more fun and challenging? That’s a fascinating question, because it raises the possibility of a team that has great history and potential, but has fallen on hard times. A team like this can provide an opportunity to build something special and bring them back to their former glory.

It can also be more challenging because there might be a lot of obstacles in the way, like financial struggles or poor squad. However, when you do succeed with a team like this, it can be immensely satisfying. It’s a bit like being a real-life football manager and restoring a once-great club to its former status! Remember what Jurgen Klopp did with Liverpool?

All these things can contribute to a more immersive, challenging, and enjoyable career mode experience. It is therefore worth taking all these factors into consideration when making your choice, as they can all have a big impact on your experience. In the end, the most important thing is to choose a team that you’re passionate about and that you can get invested in.

FC 24 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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