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5 New Features We Would Like To See in FC 25 Career Mode

The immersive and beloved Career Mode of the EA Sports FC series continues to evolve, yet there’s always room for improvement. As fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of EA Sports FC 25, here are five features that would further elevate the Career Mode experience.

1. Youth Leagues / Reserves League

The addition of a Youth or Reserves League to Career Mode in EA Sports FC 25 would greatly enhance the overall experience by providing numerous benefits for player development and strategic team management.

With a dedicated league for youth and reserve team players, managers would have the opportunity to closely track their progress, identify potential weaknesses, and a better understanding of their team’s overall depth, and would be able to make more informed decisions about squad rotation, loan deals, and transfer targets.

This would not only help managers hone their prospects into star players but also allow them to manage the team’s overall talent pool more efficiently.

Furthermore, a Youth or Reserves League would alleviate the common issue of fringe players and reserves complaining about lack of playing time. These players could be given opportunities to play in these leagues, thereby allowing them to develop and stay match-fit, ultimately benefitting the team as a whole.

Managers would then be able to count on a more cohesive and better-rounded squad, as players would remain motivated and ready to contribute when called upon.

2. Historical Stats and Stats Tracking

Implementing historical stats and stats tracking in EA Sports FC 25 Career Mode would bring numerous benefits, chief among them the contextual insights it provides. With access to past season data and statistics, players would be able to better understand the performance trends of their team, rivals, and individual players.

This information can inform strategic decisions such as team composition, formation, and transfers. For instance, a manager could compare their team’s current progress to previous seasons, identify areas of weakness and strength, and adjust their approach accordingly. Another significant benefit of historical stats and stats tracking in EA Sports FC 25 Career Mode is the added sense of progression and achievement.

Players could use the historical data to keep track of their team’s development over time, measuring progress in areas like goals scored, clean sheets, or even specific player records. This would provide a tangible record of their managerial achievements and serve as a motivating factor to strive for further success. Moreover, the ability to compare stats with other teams would add a layer of competition to the game.

Currently, a similar feature of stats tracking is available for FC 24 on CMTracker that allows managers to track their player stats across multiple seasons by simply uploading their saves to the platform.

3. Player Storylines and Club Scenarios

If EA Sports FC 25 introduces player storylines and club scenarios to Career Mode, it would enhance the realism and excitement of the game in several ways. Player storylines would introduce an element of surprise, unpredictability, and even conflict, making the game feel more like real-life football management.

Players would need to navigate situations like high-profile players wanting a transfer to bigger clubs, or squad members refusing to sign new contracts. This would require managers to balance the team’s performance on the pitch with maintaining morale and harmony in the locker room.

Club scenarios on the other hand, would bring in a dynamic element to Career Mode, where players would face unique challenges at different points during the season. These scenarios could range from urgent tasks like saving a club from relegation, to more long-term goals like returning a fallen giant to their former glory.

The limited time window in which these challenges need to be completed would create a sense of urgency and test the player’s ability to adapt their strategy quickly.

4. Overhauled Job Center

An overhauled job center in EA Sports FC 25 Career Mode would add an exciting new dimension to the game, making it more engaging and immersive. With the ability to apply for jobs at other clubs or be unemployed, players could now actively pursue new opportunities based on their own criteria.

For example, a manager who has successfully led a mid-table team for several seasons could apply for a managerial position at a bigger club, adding a layer of challenge and ambition to their career. Furthermore, the introduction of dynamic AI managers to the game would make the managerial market more competitive and engaging.

The implementation of manager prestige would ensure that the process of applying for jobs is more realistic and challenging.

For example, a manager who has achieved great success with a smaller team might have a high enough prestige level to apply for a job at a top team like Manchester City or Real Madrid. However, if the manager has failed to make a mark in their career, they might only be eligible for positions at lower-tier clubs.

5. Dynamic Player Potential for AI Teams

Dynamic player potential for AI teams in EA Sports FC 25 Career Mode would bring several benefits to the game, making it more engaging and challenging for players. First, parity in player development would ensure that the AI teams have a similar experience to human-controlled teams.

This would mean that a young player with high potential might not always develop into a world-class player, as their potential could be negatively affected by poor performances or a lack of game time. Similarly, a player with a low initial potential could surprise everyone by developing into a top-tier player.

Additionally, unpredictable team strength would keep the game exciting and engaging for players. With dynamic potential, the AI teams could experience significant changes to their squad’s abilities over the course of a few seasons.

A team that was dominant in one season could decline the next due to poor performances, and vice versa. This would make the Career Mode experience less static and more engaging, as players would need to adapt their strategies to new challenges each season.

By implementing these features, the Career Mode experience would become more realistic, engaging, and exciting for players, ensuring that it remains one of the most beloved aspects of the EA Sports FC franchise.

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