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5 Things You Should Do Before You Start FC 24 Career Mode

FC 24 Career Mode offers burgeoning managers the opportunity to take the reins at their favourite club and lead it to stardom and ultimate success on the pitch. Whether you’re new or returning to the franchise, though, you might not know where to begin on your path to an enjoyable managerial dexterity in one of the world’s top video games.

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do before starting your career to ensure the best possible experience. We have put together this article with our best advice for hurdling some of the boring challenges FC 24 Career Mode throws at you.


No game is flawless, and even the most meticulously developed ones can have unpredictable problems. Bugs and glitches can range from minor inconveniences to game-breaking problems that hinder the overall experience. However, by releasing updates and patches, EA developers can identify and rectify these issues, ensuring that players can enjoy the game without any hindrances.


In addition to bug fixes and balance adjustments, updates and patches often introduce new content to the game. This can include new player faces, stadiums, kits, or even entire new features in career mode. By regularly adding new content, developers keep the game fresh and exciting.

Hence, downloading all latest updates will entice you to continue playing and exploring what the game has to offer. These updates not only provide new challenges for experienced players but can also attract new players who are eager to experience the latest additions.


Custom manager customization is important in FC 24 because it allows you to create an avatar that represents yourself or your desired persona. This can increase the level of personal investment in the game, making it more enjoyable and engaging. It can also allow you to distinguish yourself from other players as well, creating a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

Furthermore, custom customization can make you become more immersed in your unique idealized manager career mode story and overall game experience because it allows you to have a personal connection with the character you have created. This level of personalization compared to real life counterparts makes the game feel more tailored to the individual player, increasing emotional investment and overall enjoyment of the experience.


Starting your first career can be alluring to select one of the biggest and best teams. Huge budgets and star players are enticing prospects indeed; however, Career Mode is at its gratifying when the balance of difficulty is just right. Winning games and trophies should feel like a triumph, not a formality. Instead, choosing a smaller team from mid/low or lower league with a stricter transfer budget can make for a far more fulfilling journey.

The meanings of success for smaller clubs are much more diverse, which transforms some of the more classically neglected areas of Career Mode. A good example is domestic cup tournaments. When playing with bigger teams, these often lose any sense of significance because the rewards for winning them are insignificant in comparison to existing club finances.

An extra £5 million to add to the £180 million already in the bank? Eh, think I will just skip this FA Cup game against Lincoln City, thanks. However, smaller clubs live off of cup tournaments. It is the only way to build significant transfer funds meaning cup runs become some of the most exciting aspects of the game. You might not be able to sign Haaland, but leading a team needing help to glory is guaranteed to get you more emotionally invested in Career Mode.


On the Career Settings hub during career creation, head to the Negotiation Strictness setting. If you set this to strict, you will find getting your deals over the line that much harder. In essence, what this setting does is provide you with less freedom to sign the players you want. Players at rival clubs, or those who have recently joined a new team, will not be willing to listen to your offers with this setting enabled.

This will help you get a better idea of how transfers and negotiations work in real life rather than them being easy all the time. Another change you should do is turning off the European competitions depending on whether your select club is participating or not in real life this season. You should further avoid any cash injections via Financial Takeover.

The lesser the money you have the merrier your career mode experience will become. Lastly, turn off first transfer window setting so you can start realistically as possible avoiding both you and the AI from making unrealistic transfers. Strictness should generally be the signature of your maneuvers throughout your career.


After your career has finally kicked off, you should definitely consider investing in your scouts. Why? Global Transfer Network scouts ensure you don’t go in blindfold when it comes to transfers and negotiations. For instance, if you add a player to your Transfer Hub before you have scouted them, you will have no guidance on how much they might cost you.

However, if you scout them first, you will see estimated minimum and maximum transfer fees you can expect to pay. It is vital to ensuring you don’t get ripped off. Generally speaking, scouts are an important part of elite sport. No team in the world lack scouts, they are the building bricks that form a successful starting 11 and team because they have to find the right mix of players to reach success.

Great scouts in your Global Transfer Network will find better prospects for your first team, while top-notch youth scouts will enable you to find the superstars of tomorrow.

FC 24 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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