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10 Underrated Free Agents You Can Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

When playing Career Mode, one of the most crucial things to do is making smart signings. While many opt to go for the top rated players in the game, they forget about the players available on the free transfer market.

Free agents offer an excellent opportunity to add quality and depth to your team without transfer fees. All you just have to do is arrange for enough money to pay their salaries and you’re good to go.

With that said, here are the best deals found in the free agent market in FC 24 Career Mode:

1. Erick Sánchez (CM/CDM)

  • Overall Rating: 78
  • Potential: 83
  • Nation: Mexico
  • Best Attributes: Short Passing (82), Stamina (82), Long Shots (82)
  • PlayStyles: Tiki Taka, Team Player

We start the list with Erick Sánchez who is a dynamic central midfielder known for his exceptional passing and high work rate. The 23-year-old Mexican has solid defensive awareness and stamina. He can control the midfield and contribute both offensively and defensively, making him a gem for any team that can afford his salary.

2. Julián Quiñones (CF/ST/LW)

  • Overall Rating: 78
  • Potential: 79
  • Nation: Mexico
  • Best Attributes: Finishing (81), Acceleration (88), Strength (89)
  • PlayStyles: Chip Shot, Rapid, Flair

Julián Quiñones is a 26-year-old versatile forward with a knack for scoring. His pace and physicality make him a constant threat to defenses, and his flair and dribbling skills add an extra dimension to his play. One important aspect to highlight is that this player has a real custom face in FC 24.

3. Marko Stamenić (CDM/CM)

  • Overall Rating: 71
  • Potential: 83
  • Nation: New Zealand
  • Best Attributes: Aggression (84), Agility (75), Composure (75)

In a country known more for producing rugby talents instead of football ones, Marko Stamenić is a notable exception to the rule. A promising young midfielder with excellent dribbling and physical stats, the 21-year-old’s high potential makes him a great investment for the future, capable of developing into a key midfielder.

4. Nediljko Labrović (GK)

  • Overall Rating: 74
  • Potential: 79
  • Nation: Croatia
  • Best Attributes: GK Diving (77), GK Reflexes (76), Strength (78)
  • PlayStyles: Leadership

Great goalkeepers are hard to find in FC 24, however Nediljko Labrović is a true hidden gem of a keeper. The Croatian is a tall and commanding goalkeeper with strong reflexes and diving ability. His leadership qualities are an added bonus, making the 23-year-old a reliable last line of defense.

5. Osman Bukari (RW/ST)

  • Overall Rating: 72
  • Potential: 74
  • Nation: Ghana
  • Best Attributes: Acceleration (87), Sprint Speed (83), Agility (85)
  • PlayStyles: Technical, Flair

If pace and agility is what you’re looking for, then this lad from Ghana might be your best signing yet. Osman Bukari is a pacey winger with excellent dribbling skills. His agility and speed make him perfect for counter-attacking football, and his technical ability ensures the 24-year-old can beat defenders and create scoring opportunities.

6. Kevin Csoboth (LW/RW)

  • Overall Rating: 68
  • Potential: 75
  • Nation: Hungary
  • Best Attributes: Sprint Speed (90), Acceleration (88), Balance (84)

Kevin Csoboth is a young winger with impressive pace and balance. His high potential allows for significant development, making the 23-year-old an exciting prospect for teams looking to add speed on the flanks.

7. Patryk Peda (CB/RB)

  • Overall Rating: 62
  • Potential: 74
  • Nation: Poland
  • Best Attributes: Strength (80), Jumping (74), Interceptions (64)

Looking for a potential future star in defence? Patryk Peda is a strong and tall defender with good heading ability and strength. His versatility allows the 21-year-old to play as both a center-back and a right-back, providing flexibility in defensive options.

8. Ayoub El Kaabi (ST/RM)

  • Overall Rating: 74
  • Potential: 74
  • Nation: Morocco
  • Best Attributes: Sprint Speed (87), Finishing (74), Jumping (83)
  • PlayStyles: Finesse Shot, Chip Shot

Ayoub El Kaabi is a fast and agile striker with a keen eye for goal. His sprint speed and finishing make the 30-year-old a constant threat to opposing defenses, and his ability to score from various positions is invaluable, as his current form for Olympiakos suggests.

9. Samuel Gustafson (CDM/CM)

  • Overall Rating: 75
  • Potential: 75
  • Nation: Sweden
  • Best Attributes: Short Passing (78), Stamina (81), Vision (79)
  • PlayStyles: Finesse Shot, Long Ball Pass, Tiki Taka, Relentless, Solid Player

This 28-year-old is one of the most underrated players in Career Mode and could fit in every team that can sign him. Samuel Gustafson is a composed central midfielder with excellent passing and vision. His playstyles suit a possession-based game, making him an ideal choice for teams looking to control the tempo of the match.

10. Jakub Brabec (CB)

  • Overall Rating: 74
  • Potential: 74
  • Nation: Czech Republic
  • Best Attributes: Strength (83), Defensive Awareness (73), Standing Tackle (75)
  • PlayStyles: Long Ball Pass, Solid Player

If you are in a dire need of a reliable central defender known for his strength and tackling ability, then Jakub Brabec is your man. His defensive awareness and physicality make the 30-year-old a solid addition to any defense, providing stability and resilience at the back.

These 10 free agents are available in FC 24 Career Mode and can provide your team with valuable skills and experience without costing a penny in transfer fees. Sign them up to strengthen your squad and achieve success in your career mode journey.

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