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Guide to Ranking Up Players in EA FC Mobile

Dominating the pitch in EA FC Mobile requires a squad of strong, well-developed players. But how do you take your favorite footballers from decent to devastating? The answer lies in ranking them up, a process that permanently boosts their Overall Rating (OVR), making them more effective on the field. And in this guide, we’ll walk you through how you can do it easily.

Ranking vs Training

There are two primary methods for improving your players in EA FC Mobile: ranking and training.

  • Ranking: This process increases a player’s OVR by 1. To rank up, you’ll need a specific number of duplicate player cards – the amount you need increases with each rank. These duplicates must be of the same player you wish to improve.
  • Training: This approach focuses on enhancing a player’s individual stats, such as Pace, Shooting, and Dribbling.

The ranking up process

Here’s how you can easily rank up players in EA FC Mobile:

  1. Navigate to your club: Begin by heading to the “Club” section within the game. This is where you manage your player collection.
  2. Select your chosen player: From your player inventory, choose the individual you want to elevate through ranking up.
  3. Locate the ‘Rank Up’ option: Look for a button labeled “Rank Up” or a similar option associated with the chosen player.
  4. Eligibility check: The game will automatically verify if you have enough duplicate player cards of the chosen player for the current rank. It will also confirm if the player has already reached their maximum rank.
  5. Sacrificing duplicates: If everything checks out, the game will prompt you to confirm the use of your duplicate player cards. Remember, this action is permanent, so ensure you’re confident about ranking up this specific player.
  6. Reaping the rewards: Once confirmed, the player’s OVR will receive a permanent boost of 1, making them a more potent force on the field.

Important considerations for ranking up

Here are some key points to remember when ranking up players:

  • Duplicate requirements: As mentioned earlier, the number of duplicate player cards needed for ranking up increases with each rank. So, plan strategically and avoid wasting valuable duplicates on lower-tier players.
  • Duplicate type matters: In most cases, you can only use the same type of duplicate for ranking up. For instance, a Base Player duplicate cannot be used to rank up an Event Player version of the same footballer.

How training works

Training allows you to focus on specific aspects of a player’s performance. Here’s how it works:

  1. Selecting your player: Head to the “Club” section and choose the player you wish to train.
  2. Finding the “Training” option: Locate the “Training” button or a similar option associated with the chosen player.
  3. Choosing training material: You’ll be presented with a list of unwanted players you can use as Training XP. Generally, players with higher OVR offer more XP. However, previously trained players (even if used again) will provide a bonus XP amount on top of their base value.
  4. Level up and train further: As the player gains Training Levels through XP, their individual stats will improve. Every 5 Training Levels, you’ll unlock the option to rank up the player (explained in the above section). The current maximum Training Level is 30.

You’ll transform your squad from regular players to dominant champions in EA FC Mobile by effectively utilizing ranking and training. Remember, make sure not to waste your resources on the wrong players. So, plan strategically to avoid making any mistakes.

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