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How to Achieve Rank 1 in FC 24 Ultimate Team Champs: Custom Tactics Guide

Unlock the secrets to reaching Rank 1 in Ultimate Team Champs with our detailed guide on effective custom tactics. Learn the best 4-4-2 strategies and player recommendations for each position to dominate the game.

As the festive season approaches and EA gears up for significant promotions, gamers are keen to refine their skills for better results and rewards. We are far enough into the EA FC cycle to be able to know what the meta is and what players you should and shouldn’t be using.

This guide explores a set of custom tactics that have consistently yielded Rank 1 results, along with the most suitable players for each role.

4-4-2 (Preferred) Tactics and Instructions

Just like in real life football, you can’t really go wrong with the 4-4-2. It is solid defensively with the 2 banks of 4 and gives you plenty of space for creativity going forward with the wingers and strikers all working in tandem with each other.

Custom Tactics


  • WIDTH: 48
  • DEPTH: 55

As aforementioned, the 4-4-2 is very defensively sound. The custom tactics discussed here focus on maintaining a balanced approach, avoiding common game exploits for a more realistic play style, hence the 55 depth over the 71 depth, which is highly recommended by other pro players.

While using the 71 depth is highly advantageous, the 55 depth setup avoids vulnerabilities of lobbed through balls, keeping defenders in check and reducing one-on-one scenarios against the goalkeeper. This tactic will allow defenders to follow the opposing runners deeper rather than stepping up and allowing them to run through uncontested.


  • BUILD UP PLAY: Balanced
  • CHANCE CREATION: Possession
  • WIDTH: 69
  • CORNERS: 2

The tactic that sticks out offensively in this formation is the width. In the 4-4-2 it is pivotal to use the entire width of the pitch and give the opposing wing backs nightmares for the entirety of the 90 minutes with relentless wing play.

Running to the by-line inside the 18-yard box and passing it into one of your strikers or the winger on the opposite flank, who is now in the box due to the players in the box tactic being on 7, or even one of your central midfielders, is extremely effective this year and is a big reason why the 4-4-2 is so successful.

If your opponent is good at defending and snuffs out the fact that you are constantly trying to get to the by-line to cut is across, guess what else is super effective this year – finesse shots. This gives you a second option to cut inside the wing-back and fire a curled effort into the top corner.


  • Goalkeeper: Come for Crosses, Sweeper Keeper
  • Right Back/Left Back: Stay Back While Attacking
  • Centre Backs: Default
  • Left Midfield: Come Back on Defence, Get in the Box for Crosses, Get in Behind
  • Right Midfield: Come Back on Defence, Get in the Box for Crosses, Stay Wide, Get in Behind
  • Left Centre Midfield: Cover Centre
  • Right Centre Midfield: Stay Back While Attacking, Cover Centre
  • Strikers: Come Back on Defence

Best Players by Positions


Liverpool’s goalie Alisson reigns supreme in FC 24, followed by Ter Stegen, Maignan, Ederson, Pope, and Neuer.


Centre Backs

Centre Backs should ideally include Virgil van Dijk for his chemistry link with Alisson. Other notable mentions are Blanc, Vidic, Tomori, Kim Min Jae, Varane, Kompany and Nesta.

Wing Backs

The selection of options for wing backs appears to be broader than for goalkeepers and centre backs. While there isn’t a single standout candidate in the wing-back position, there are certainly favorites. Recommended right and left backs are listed below, who are considered superior to their counterparts.

While pace is a crucial factor, a well-rounded wing-back can be extremely advantageous. Particularly beneficial are those with high stamina or a relentless playstyle, as they are expected to run up and down the flanks for the entirety of the game.

  • Right Backs: Llorente, Neville, Hakimi, Di Lorenzo, James
  • Left Backs: Davies, Mendy, Bacha, Balde, Capdevila, Theo Hernandez


For wingers, the criteria of pace and stamina or a relentless playstyle are key, mirroring the requirements for wing backs. Wingers should possess the ability to both track back and go forward relentlessly.

The flexibility of in-game custom tactics allows for the effective use of players like Alvarez, who has the Relentless+ playstyle, particularly on the flank. Additionally, the Finesse+ is highly beneficial for wingers, enabling them to effortlessly cut inside and execute precise, curled shots into the top corner.

  • Left Wing: Son, Leao, Diaby, McManaman, Vinícius Júnior
  • Right Wing: Salah, Doku, Dembélé, Alvarez, Kubo, Hansen

Centre Midfielders

The middle of the park is always the most important part of the pitch to protect and control in any game of football. Therefore, you need strong, all-rounded midfielders to do the dirty work for the team. In this specific 4-4-2 layout, we want one more defensive-minded midfielder and one who is free to go a little further forwards and help the attack.

  • Defensive Midfielder: Llorente, Rice, Pirlo, Coquelin, Tonali, De Jong, Vieira, Tchouameni 
  • All-Round Midfielder: Valverde, Bellingham, Gullit, Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Putellas

As a striker in this formation, the emphasis is on finishing. We are looking for clinical finishers who, given the opportunity, can be trusted to put the ball in the back of the net. The best finisher in the game is without a doubt Antoine Griezmann. He also holds the Finesse+ playstyle and is super effective inside and outside the area.

  • Other Strikers: Mbappé, Benzema, Son, Salah, Rashford, Openda

Mastering this formation and tactic can significantly enhance your FC 24 skills and overall understanding of the game. It provides a foundation for developing personalized strategies and discovering what works best for individual play styles. As a result, this can lead to improved performance and potentially better rewards in Ultimate Team.

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