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eFootball Mastering META: Player Playstyles

In eFootball, a player’s success isn’t solely determined by the tactical style chosen, but also by understanding the roles and playstyles of individual players. Although a player’s position suggests their location on the pitch, it’s their role and playstyle that define their specific contributions to the team’s overall strategy.

By selecting players with complementary playstyles, managers can create a team that reflects their strategic vision, whether that’s a possession-based approach or a high-intensity pressing game. In this guide, we will explain how each player playstyle works in eFootball in order to make the best out of your squad.

Mastering Defensive Player Playstyles

Defensive playstyles are as diverse as the players themselves in eFootball. Consider Alphonso Davies from Bayern Munich, Theo Hernandez from AC Milan, and Ferland Mendy from Real Madrid.

Though all are left-backs, their contributions on the field are distinctly different. Davies is known for his explosive runs down the wing, Hernandez often ventures into central areas during attacks, and Mendy adopts a more conservative approach when his team is on the offensive.

This segment explores how eFootball captures these nuances through distinct playstyles, allowing us to appreciate what each defender brings to the game. Let’s discover how these unique roles work on the virtual pitch.

Defensive Goalkeeper

  • Description: Focuses on shot-stopping and positional awareness, staying close to the goalposts and excelling in commanding the penalty area.
  • Example Players: O. Kahn, T. Courtois, J. Oblak

Offensive Goalkeeper

  • Description: Acts as a sweeper-keeper, contributing to the team’s build-up play and initiating attacks with accurate long-range passes.
  • Example Players: M. Neuer, G. Donnarumma, Ederson

Build Up (CB)

  • Description: Initiates attacks from deep positions, with exceptional passing ability and vision.
  • Example Players: V. van Dijk, D. Alaba, Marquinhos

The Destroyer

  • Description: A defensive enforcer, aggressive in defending, excels at breaking up attacks through hard tackles and pressing.
  • Example Players: R. Dias, K. Koulibaly, Rudiger

Extra Frontman

  • Description: Combines defensive solidity with attacking prowess, often joining attacks.
  • Example Players: S. Ramos, J. Kounde, L. Hernandez

Defensive Full-back

  • Description: Focuses on defensive solidity, limiting their attacking contributions.
  • Example Players: B. Pavard, C. Azpilicueta, F. Mendy

Offensive Full-back

  • Description: Thrives on overlapping runs and attacking wide areas, often acting as additional wingers.
  • Example Players: A. Davies, A. Robertson, N. Mendes

Full-back Finisher

  • Description: Known for drifting centrally in advanced positions and capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Example Players: J. Cancelo, T. Alexander-Arnold, A. Hakimi

Mastering Midfield Player Playstyles

The midfield is where the magic happens, with players like Toni Kroos, N’Golo Kanté, and Bruno Fernandes shaping the game in distinct ways. They orchestrate play, disrupt opponent strategies, and are pivotal in controlling the flow of the match. This section dives into how different playstyles highlight the varied roles of midfielders.

The Destroyer (Midfield)

  • Description: Breaks up opposition attacks and wins back possession with aggressive tackling.
  • Example Players: J. Palhinha, M. Ugarte, O. Romeu

Anchor Man

  • Description: A defensive midfielder known for positional awareness, intercepting passes, and providing a secure foundation.
  • Example Players: Casemiro, Rodri, Fabinho


  • Description: Dictates the flow of the game with creativity and precision passing from deep positions.
  • Example Players: J. Kimmich, L. Modric, F. De Jong

Box to Box

  • Description: Covers every blade of grass, contributing to both defensive and attacking phases.
  • Example Players: D. Rice, N. Barella, F. Valverde

Hole Player

  • Description: Exploits space between the lines, creating goal-scoring opportunities from midfield.
  • Example Players: I. Gündogan, K. Havertz, M. Mount

Creative Playmaker

  • Description: Initiates attacks and provides assists, known for their ability to carve open defenses.
  • Example Players: L. Messi, Neymar Jr, J. Maddison

Classic No. 10

  • Description: Operates in a central role, orchestrating attacks with intelligence and creative flair.
  • Example Players: Ganso, James Rodriguez, João Mário

Mastering Attacking Player Playstyles

The attacking phase of play is where games are won and lost, with each player’s style dictating their approach to creating and converting scoring opportunities. From roaming flanks to goal poachers, attackers come in various forms, each with unique attributes and roles on the virtual pitch. Let’s delve into the diverse world of attacking playing styles and uncover what sets each apart.

Roaming Flank

  • Description: Roams wide areas to exploit spaces, cutting inside to make decisive plays.
  • Example Players: Vinicius Júnior, Rodrygo, D. Kulusevski

Prolific Winger

  • Description: Stays wide, making decisive moves either to deliver crosses or to cut inside and shoot.
  • Example Players: B. Saka, K. Kvaratskhelia, R. Leão

Cross Specialist

  • Description: Delivers precision crosses from wide areas, creating scoring opportunities.
  • Example Players: F. Kostić, J. Cuadrado, Y. Carrasco

Deep-Lying Forward

  • Description: Drops deep to orchestrate attacks and create chances.
  • Example Players: Firmino, J. Alvarez, K. Benzema

Target Man

  • Description: Serves as a focal point for aerial plays and holds up play to create scoring chances.
  • Example Players: E. Džeko, G. Scamacca, I. Toney

Fox in the Box

  • Description: Thrives inside the penalty area, capitalizing on their predatory instincts.
  • Example Players: R. Lukaku, M. Icardi, André Silva

Dummy Runner

  • Description: Makes intelligent runs to create space and scoring opportunities for teammates.
  • Example Players: Gerard Moreno, M. Thuram, T. Werner

Goal Poacher

  • Description: Excels in exploiting gaps and scoring from through balls and crosses.
  • Example Players: K. Mbappé, V. Osimhen, D. Vlahovic

In eFootball, it’s crucial to understand how different playing styles affect your team’s performance. From solid defenders to creative midfielders and sharp attackers, each player brings something special.

By choosing players that work well together, you can strengthen your team’s defense, control the midfield, and be more effective in scoring. This approach will help you build a balanced team that can handle any challenge on the virtual pitch.

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