Massive FC Mobile Update Announced

EA SPORTS is rolling out an exciting update for FC Mobile next week, introducing significant gameplay improvements and a brand-new Spectator Mode. Scheduled for release on April 9th, 2024, this update is poised to redefine the way you play and engage with the game according to EA.

Gameplay Enhancements

The April 2024 update focuses on refining the gameplay mechanics, particularly in areas of passing, dribbling, and player movement, to offer a more fluid and responsive gaming experience. Key improvements include:

  • Enhanced Passing Mechanics: Ground passes and through passes have been optimized for better targeting, allowing players to lead attackers into more advantageous positions for scoring.
  • Reworked Crossing: Adjustments to crossing aim to balance the game by considering the player’s attributes and their position on the pitch. The speed of crosses has been reduced, requiring more strategic play from the wings.
  • Improved Player Responsiveness: Updates to dribbling and player movement, such as faster jogging dribble speed and dynamic sprint dribble, are designed to make on-ball movements feel more natural and responsive.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: The update introduces skippable goal and offsides replays, along with increased difficulty for VS Attack Basic Chances, and a simplified process for making substitutions.

FC Mobile Improvements

The update will also address various issues reported by users, such as:

  • Some players would not jump or jump too early in two player header situations.
  • Headed passes would be looping up. Headed passing trajectories are now lower and more effective.
  • The Free Kick camera not resetting after a shot or pass made contact with an opposing player.
  • Gesture Passes overshooting on deep Free Kicks or Goal Kick.
  • The Set Piece Camera preference not being saved for Corner Kicks, deep Free Kicks and Goal Kicks.

Introducing Spectator Mode

A significant addition to this update is the introduction of Spectator Mode within Leagues, a feature that allows players to watch H2H matches in real-time. This mode not only enables you to support your league members but also offers a new way to learn from their strategies and gameplay. Additionally, replays of matches will be available for up to a week, ensuring you never miss out on the action.

League Matches

With the update, FC Mobile introduces League Matches, a new game mode that lets you challenge league members to head-to-head matches. This feature enriches the competitive aspect of leagues, allowing for more interaction and engagement among players.

Whether you’re playing, spectating, or reviewing match replays, League Matches promise to add a new layer of excitement to your league experience.

For a more detailed list of all the changes, please check the official notes from the FC Mobile devs.

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