6 Amazing Tips To Help You Defeat Every Opponent On FC Mobile

Are you struggling to win matches on EA Sports FC Mobile? Want to climb the ranks and come out on top? Well, you just came to the right place because we have some superb tips to help you defeat any opponent and take you gaming to the next level.

With the new season underway, now is the right time to emerge as a pro in FC Mobile. From learning how to use second defender to applying tactics at the right time, here are tips to help you become unstoppable.

1. Have Overall Lineup of 85 to 90

One of the biggest FC Mobile tips is to have a decent lineup. I’m not saying you have the greatest, but an overall lineup of 85 to 90 will do you good. Remember to have a good goalkeeper in your squad because goalkeepers are overpowered in FC Mobile, unlike in FIFA Mobile where every shot was a goal.

Also, remember to have a solid formation. I recommend you pick a formation with LM or CF if you want to score many goals against your opponent.

2. Have a 90+ Overall Strikers

Well, having a 90+ strikers in your team is not just a tip but something that you must ensure you do. With FC Mobile blessing players with gifts, there is no reason for you to have a striker with OVR 85 and below. If you have a striker with low rating, it’s going to be very hard for you to score as goalkeepers are overpowered in this game. You’re also going to make it very easy for your opponent to defend you.

3. Understand Your Players’ Personal Traits

To effectively attack in FC Mobile, you need to know your players’ personal traits and how to use them to your advantage. Every player on your team has their own attributes that stand out such as shooting sprint speed, dribbling and agility. So, it’s up to you to identify the attributes of a given player and employ them on the pitch.

For instance, if you have a player with high shooting, you should find them when in front of the opponent’s goal. The personal traits of any player can be checked by going to their profile page.

4. Learn How to Use Second Defender

One of the best ways to defend on FC Mobile is by using the second defender. This will help you steal the ball directly or trap the opponent before getting a clean tackle. Practice how to use second defender before facing an opponent because there are risks if you don’t switch properly.

5. Master Dribbling

Dribbling is the most important thing in EA FC Mobile right now. There’s no way you’re going to win matches if you’re a poor dribbler, hence you must be a pro with the ball. For you to dribble effectively, use players on the flanks who also have sprint speed so you can run once you beat your opponent.

As you dibble, remember to limit skill moves because you’ll lose the ball 95% of the times you try to use a skill to beat an opponent. The goal is to score and win the match, not to be fancy or flashy.

6. Apply Tactics on the 60th Minute

The ultimate goal of facing an opponent is to win, so If you’re losing, play tactic on Attacking at the hour mark. This will move up the position of your defensive line and trigger more attacking runs. As a result, you will have more options in front of goal and you’re likely to score an equalizer.

On the contrary, apply Defending on tactics if you’re winning the match. This will move back the position of your Defensive line and restrict your players from attacking in numbers. If the game is tied and you’re not sure who is going to score first and win the match, put the tactics on Balanced, which is the default setting.

In summary, to excel in EA Sports FC Mobile, focus on building a strong team with ratings around 85 to 90, especially with 90+ rated strikers and a solid goalkeeper. Understand and leverage your players’ traits, master dribbling while minimizing skill moves, and effectively use the second defender for robust defense. Finally, adjust your tactics around the 60th minute based on the match’s flow. Implementing these strategies will significantly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning.

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