FC 24 Career Table Unveiled

The Career Mode ‘cheat table’ for FC 24 is now available following the release of FC 24 Live Editor.

Career Mode fans that play on PC, have likely heard or know what the Career Mode cheat table is. For those unfamiliar, there is nothing related to ‘cheating’ per se, as this special table only enables a wide list of functions that are currently locked in FC 24 Career Mode.

What is FC 24 Career ‘Cheat Table’?

The FC 24 Career Mode Cheat Table opens up a realm of possibilities in your career mode journey. Thanks to its creator Aranaktu, you can tweak player details like potential, attributes, and names, manipulate the transfer budget to your liking, enhance or diminish player development, stretch a single career beyond the 15-season limit, view all player ratings without the use of Global Transfer Network scouts or dispatch youth academy scouts to any nation among other exciting features.

There is also a Free Fly Camera replay option that, once activated, PC players can view the entire virtual pitch from any angle without being limited by the default replay cameras.

How to Download and Install FC 24 Career ‘Cheat Table’?

Those interested can download the table here. Before using it, you will need to install Cheat Engine 7.5 or a newer version in order to run it properly. Users will have to disable their antivirus and Windows real-time protection, otherwise the system won’t allow the installation of Cheat Engine.

The author also mentioned that “because of the EA Anticheat you MUST run the cheat engine alongside my other tool, FC 24 Live Editor which is able to bypass the anticheat”.

Once Cheat Engine and Live Editor are installed, simply launch the FC 24 Live Editor and once in the menu, alt-tab out of the game and run the FC 24 Career ‘Cheat Table’. A message will be displayed that the table is functional, and you can start activating the available features.

Similar to FC 24 Live Editor, the developer has released extensive tutorials and FAQs on the table’s github page, so everyone can dive in and discover how to use this iconic modding feature. Same as with every other mod, this is intended only for offline use in order to avoid issues.

FC 24 modding is only possible on PC. Currently, there are no options to mod or edit the console versions of the game.

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