FC Mobile: First Gameplay Update Released

EA announced that the first gameplay update for FC Mobile is now available.

EA SPORTS FC Mobile, previously known as FIFA Mobile, introduces a significant update enhancing player experience in mobile football gaming. This release focuses on gameplay improvements and addressing various bugs from the first game release.

Here are the full patch notes:

Gameplay Upgrades

Pass and Shot Improvements:

  • Increased Ground and Ground Through Pass Speed, to improve Build-Up Play
  • Your Players will now choose to perform Ground or Ground Through Dinked Passes when appropriate to avoid Defender’s block.
  • Improved Ground Through Pass Speed near the sideline, increasing the likelihood of the ball staying in play
  • Improved Weak Foot Performance for Shooting

Dribble Improvements:

  • Sprint Dribble will feel more explosive and overall allow the Player to maintain a faster Speed
  • Increased Jog Dribble Turning Speed, especially for Tall Players
  • Fatigue has been adjusted to ensure more reasonable impact on a Player’s running and Dribbling ability

Manager Mode Improvements:

  • AI Players will play more intelligently and better represent their Attributes
  • Faster and more accurate Shots
  • Team OVR better reflects Player Performance

Notable Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue of Chances starting without Player near the ball
  • Chances no longer start with Center Backs
  • Fixed issue of long Black Screens between Chances
  • Resolved joystick delay issue and improved responsiveness
  • Fixed issue of unreasonably fast headers or shots, when using the Driven Lob Pass
  • Reduced in-game network errors

The update also includes optimized in-game settings for a smoother playing experience, especially at 60 fps on supported devices.

UEFA Euro 2024 Update Coming Soon

Similar to EA Sports FC 24, the UEFA Euro 2024 Update is coming to FC Mobile as well, bringing a series of special in-game events. In fact, the first one is already underway, as revealed by EA.

Players who engage in FC Mobile by January 11, 2024, and reach Level 6, will be eligible to receive a unique 85-86 OVR UEFA EURO 2024 Player Item from a pool of the following national team players:

  • Jack Grealish (England)
  • Ousmane Dembélé (France)
  • Federico Chiesa (Italy)
  • Florian Wirtz (Germany)
  • Virgil Van Djik (Netherlands)
  • Álvaro Morata (Spain)

The free update is expected to drop in early June 2024 and will be available on iOS and Android devices. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter/X, Instagram and Facebook for more FC Mobile news.

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