EA SPORTS FC Mobile Revealed

EA SPORTS has rolled out an exciting update for FC Mobile, jam-packed with new features that are set to elevate every mobile gamer’s experience.

Cover star Vini Jr. brings his spectacular energy and skill to the game, while the gameplay gets a major boost with new controls and systems for a more realistic feel. Plus, there’s a whole new way to experience matchdays and a bunch of customization options to make your team truly your own. Let’s dive in into all the new features for the new version of FC Mobile.

Experience Authentic Football on Mobile

EA SPORTS FC Mobile stands out as the definitive mobile football experience, boasting over 18,000 players from more than 500 teams across 25 leagues. Players can dive into renowned competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LALIGA EA SPORTS, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Revolutionized Gameplay and New Features

The game introduces Impact Controls, providing a more immersive football experience with features such as Power Shot, Knock On, and Hard Tackle. Alongside this, the Elite Shooting System, True Player Personality, and Dynamic Game Speed collectively elevate the gameplay to new levels.

Immersive Broadcast and Matchday Experience

The latest Broadcast Package updates transform the matchday experience, incorporating new intro scenes, gameplay camera angles, and enhanced goal replays. Refreshed set piece cameras and additional commentary further immerse players in the excitement of the game.

The energy of the stadium is brought to life with upgraded visuals, including crowds, banners, flags, and realistic stadium sound effects, complemented by live on-field audio commentary.

New Progression and Training System

The new EA SPORTS FC Mobile update introduces an enhanced training and progression system, allowing players to upgrade their team through Rank Ups, Training, and Skills. Players can increase their athletes’ overall ratings (OVR) and attributes by utilizing these features, intertwining to maximize player potential.

The Rank Up system not only boosts a player’s OVR but also enhances the Team OVR, influencing gameplay in various modes. Training enhances individual attributes, while the Skills system provides a more personalized touch, allowing for specific attribute enhancement. Additionally, the integration of these features with the Market adds flexibility in team management. This comprehensive system offers a streamlined and more engaging way to develop and customize players in the game.

Customization at the Core

EA SPORTS FC Mobile introduces the Locker Room, a centralized hub for personalizing teams and players. Players can adjust star players’ kit numbers, appearances, and more, ensuring their team stands out on the field.

Embark on a UEFA Champions League Adventure

Players can create their own UEFA Champions League journey, guiding a team from the Group Stages to the Finals, with authentic teams and a new broadcast package enhancing the experience. The inclusion of unique UCL commentary in over 10 languages ensures a truly immersive match atmosphere.

Continuous Improvements and Fixes

The update also addresses several game crashes, language-specific issues on the front end, and improves pop-up messaging during content updates. An issue with the age selection pop-up during account creation has also been resolved.

EA SPORTS FC Mobile continues to be the ultimate destination for mobile football, blending authentic gameplay with exciting new features for an unparalleled gaming experience.

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