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5 Tips to Develop Young Talents to World-Class Players in FC 24 Career Mode

Developing young talents to the point where they are world-class is one of the joys of EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode. It’s tremendously satisfying to watch academy players continue your team’s legacy without spending hundreds of millions of pounds in signings.

There are plenty of methods to nurture rising talents on Career Mode, but how do you make these players reach their full potentials? So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh entry into Career Mode, here are five tips to develop young talents to world-class players.

1. Hire Coaches

The first thing to address within the realm of youth development is hiring decent coaches. Coaches can make a substantial difference in the development of youngsters hence you should focus on your coaching staff.

Hire coaches that align with positions where you have promising talents and you will see results in no time. This means that if you have noticed great potential in a young midfielder, then hire a midfield coach who will help him reach top level. Remember to check if the coach’s tactical visions align with your style of play. Coaches can harness various tactics such as Tiki-taka, Counter-attack, Gegenpressing, among others.

2. Pick A Development Plan Menu

Once you have hired the coaches, it’s time to use the Development Plan menu. The Development Plan allows you to target your desired aspects of each player such as shooting, passing or jumping. For example, if you want to increase your player’s shooting, then you should target his shooting stats via the Development Plan.

Development Plans will essentially allow you to focus on developing specific skills rather than letting all the skills be developed at the same rate. If you played Career Mode on FIFA 23 and FIFA 22, then you should already be familiar with this feature.

3. Utilize Training Sessions

Training sessions before matches can help introduce temporary play styles to young players and enhance their effectiveness on the pitch. Play styles serve as a better alternative to traits and add an extra layer to your youth development. It won’t be long before you start noticing improvement in your youngsters.

4. Give Them Decent Playing Time

We can all agree that the youth academy is a powerful tool in Career Mode because this is where you develop the next generation of stars. After you have identified a player with great potential at your academy and promoted them to the senior team, it’s now time to offer them minutes on the pitch.

Cup matches which are against lower-level opposition should be a big opportunity for your youngsters to get decent playing time. Consider starting some of the young talents and subbing on others towards the end of the match. This will play a big role in boosting their confidence and helping them reach their full potential.

5. Send The Youngsters Out on Loan

Sending young players out on loan is one of the tips to consider if you want them to reach their full potential faster. Ensure you loan them to smaller teams where they can enjoy playing time and continue their development at the same time.

Loaned-out players can occasionally have their potential boosted by one or two points when recalled. Make sure you negotiate with all the loan deals since some clubs would want to buy the player at the end of their loan period.

By implementing these five effective strategies, players of EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode can transform their young talents into world-class stars. From hiring specialized coaches to making strategic use of development plans and training sessions, each tip is designed to optimize player growth.

Giving youngsters playing time and considering loan options are also crucial steps in their development. Follow these tips to build a legacy with home-grown talents and lead your team to glory without breaking the bank.

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