EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay Deep Dive Details

Following the official reveal of FC24 last week, EA devs have recently released a deep dive into the gameplay mechanics of their new football simulator. The deep dive highlights the game’s new gameplay features, realism improvements, and other enhancements.

EA’s article is divided into various chapters, which we will summarize in order to get an idea of what players and fans alike can expect. Let’s dive in.


HyperMotionV enhances gameplay authenticity in The World’s Game using volumetric data from over 180 top matches, including UEFA Champions League and Premier League. EA SPORTS FC 24 features movements from teams like Real Madrid and PSG. In-game player animations are based on real-world professionals’ actions.

HyperMotionV captures the movement of all 22 players in real matches, resulting in over 11,000 authentic football animations. This is almost double from last year, ensuring teams move as cohesively as the world’s top clubs. Moreover, with the help of AI, it was possible to recreate unique player body movements resulting in over 1,200 signature running styles.

Another highlight of HyperMotionV is the introduction of AcceleRATE 2.0 which expands the player movement system into 7 unique archetypes, instead of the 3 that we were used to last year. The new Acceleration Types are divided as following:

  • Controlled
  • Explosive
  • Lenghty
  • Controlled Explosive (50% Explosive, 50% Controlled)
  • Mostly Explosive (70% Explosive, 30% Controlled)
  • Controlled Lengthy (50% Lengthy, 50% Controlled)
  • Mostly Lengthy (70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled)

AcceleRATE is assigned automatically to players based on a combination of their Acceleration, Height, Agility, and Strength Attributes.

HyperMotionV will be available only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


Using real-world Opta data, PlayStyles depict distinct athlete abilities beyond just ratings. Each PlayStyle influences gameplay, offering players unique skills that mirror their authentic play. PlayStyles+ elevates these abilities to an elite level, such as Haaland’s Power Shot or Sam Kerr’s Finesse Shot, showcasing the exceptional talent of top players.

FC 24 offers 34 unique PlayStyles, each with an enhanced PlayStyles+ version available exclusively for the top-tier players.

Gameplay Improvements

In EA’s highlights, there were also a myriad of gameplay improvements across the entire pitch that we will list in short below:


  • Precision Passing: Allows manual precision in passing. Players receiving such a pass will move towards the ball’s destination.
  • Swerve On Demand: Enables players to curl their passes for unique passing angles.
  • Headers On Demand: Players can now request header passes.
  • Other changes include input modifications and the addition of new animations for various pass types.

Controlling the Ball (Dribbling):

  • Effort Dribble Touch: A new mechanic that lets players knock the ball in any direction quickly.
  • Orbit Dribble: Allows players to move around the ball without touching it.
  • Controlled Sprint: A new dribbling speed between jogging and sprinting.
  • Additional changes include new animations for backpedal traps and head traps.


  • Precision Shooting: A revamped shooting system that rewards players for accurate aiming.
  • Headers On Demand: Players can request headers for shots.
  • Other improvements include quick release shots, advanced shot cancels, and new animations.

Skill Moves:

  • New skill moves have been added, including Ball Roll Drag, Drag Back Turn, Flair Nutmegs, and Flair Rainbow.
  • Changes to existing skill moves and the introduction of the Trickster Playstyle.

Attacking Positioning

  • Diagonal Runs: Players will make more decisive diagonal runs.
  • Find Space in the Box: Players will position themselves to find passing lanes.
  • Dynamic Defensive Line: Players will adjust their positions based on Wingbacks’ movements.

Defensive Actions:

  • Advanced Defending: A new setting that offers players a choice in defensive actions. Players can now specifically request a Shoulder Challenge or Stand Tackle.
  • More Defensive Improvements: Introduction of new animations for Seal Outs and Shoulder Challenges. Additionally, there’s an animation cleanup with the addition of new tackles and blocks.

Defensive Positioning:

  • Zonal Defense: Players will mark opponents higher up the field when using a depth greater than 45. Defenders will also close down ball carriers near the sideline, potentially leaving the far side open for attacks.
  • Pressure Tactics Changes: When using pressure tactics, players’ marking tightness will vary, allowing the attacking team to make smarter passing decisions.


  • New Push Deflects: Goalkeepers will now push shot deflections into safer areas or out of play if they can’t catch the ball.
  • Tip Overs: Improved detection for lobbed shots, leading to better Tip Over saves.
  • Animation Refresh: New animations have been added for various types of saves.

Player Switching:

  • Right Stick Switching Sensitivity: Players can now adjust the sensitivity of the Right Stick Switching. Higher sensitivity respects the Right Stick input more, while lower sensitivity prioritizes players in closer proximity.
  • Next Player Switching Preference: Players can choose their preference for switching to the next player based on their proximity to the ball, their position relative to the goal, or a combination of factors.

Free Kicks:

  • Enhanced Lob Passes with increased power, curve, and dip, offering more crossing options from deep Free Kicks.
  • Boosted power, curve, and dip for shots, enabling a wider variety of shot types from different ranges.
  • Added the capability to execute an Outside of the Foot Lob Pass.

Penalty Kicks:

  • Expanded the save zones for Goalkeepers from 3 to 5, promoting more authentic decision-making during penalties.
  • New Penalty Kick Avatar runs have been introduced, applicable to Avatars in Player Career, Clubs, and VOLTA. These include styles like Turtle, The Norse, King, Goalscorer, Freight Train, The Professor, Ranger, The Dutch, and Short and Sweet.
  • Introduced new Penalty Kick animations, including specific ones for Erling Haaland.

Other Changes

In addition to the massive list of gameplay improvements, EA Sports also implemented the following changes for FC 24:


  • Referee Strictness: Introduced new systems to distinguish between referee strictness options. Referees with varying strictness levels will now adjudicate offsides, push-pulls, and many other fouls differently.
  • Better Tackle Detection: Implemented a new physics system to enhance the detection of tackle trajectories, leading to a more accurate determination of fouls.
  • General Improvements:Enhanced logic for Breakaway situations and last-man-back scenarios, ensuring more accurate and fair foul decisions.

Player Humanization

  • Upper Body Injury Animations: Players with upper-body injuries will showcase a new set of animations during gameplay.
  • Attacking Player Appeals: Attacking players will now appeal to the referee when they believe a ball has been cleared off the goal line.
  • Ad Board Collisions: New animations have been introduced for players who can’t stop in time and collide with the ad boards, offering a more realistic portrayal of such incidents.
  • Movement Preservation Everywhere: Goalkeepers will maintain their movement patterns when diving and landing, adding a touch of authenticity to their actions.
  • Avoidance: New animations have been added to depict players avoiding collisions with each other, ensuring smoother gameplay.

EA SPORTS FC 24 is set for release on September 29th and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. EA Play members and Ultimate Edition owners will be able to play the Early Access on September 29th.

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