5 Skill Moves That Will Win You More Games in FC 24

A brand-new game means brand-new ways to win, and the transition from FIFA to EA SPORTS FC is no different.

Skill Moves were notoriously vital within the gameplay of the FIFA franchise, from the roulette to the 90 degree scoop turn and ‘La Croqueta’, the community always discover which tricks are the most effective. Defining what skill moves are the “best” is more complicated than a newcomer to EA SPORTS FC might initially think, as there are several factors that determine what skill moves are best.

The most common features a great skill move needs are:

  • Readily Executable – How easy it is to perform mid-game
  • Effectiveness – How likely it is to trick the opponent
  • Visually Satisfying – How cool it looks when pulling it off

Skill Moves that are Readily Executable and Effective are generally the most popular, but points do go to Skill Moves that are Visually Satisfying (especially with the skillers).

These 5 skill moves are a mix of all 3 components presented above, and are worth learning to add another element to your gameplay:

5. Drag Back Turn

A skill that is high in Effectiveness and Readily Executable, the Drag Back Turn is a brand-new addition, and quite the popular one too. To perform it, all the player has to do is:

  • Hold L2 (LT on Xbox) + Right Stick Backwards (Behind the Footballer).

It is a 4* Skill, and so most attacking minded players will be able to perform it.

Quite similar to the De Jong Turn that was added back in FIFA 21, the Drag Back Turn is essentially a copy to the De Jong Turn in execution in which the attacker is looking to find some space behind an incoming defender, usually to pass it downwards for a cutback and a goal.

However, the Drag Back Turn being a new skill move means it currently has a speedy animation, and it’s extremely easy to perform and think of mid-game. It can be performed across the pitch in any direction and even when the attacker is in full sprint! You would:

  • Let go of R2 (RT), hold L2 + Right Stick Backwards from the direction the attacker is facing, and then you can wait for the animation to occur.

No waiting for the attacker to slow down or specific angles, which is very convenient as many players struggle to perform skill moves because they’re focused on running with the ball. So this is a very handy skill move.

4. Flair Rainbow

Another EASFC exclusive introduction, the Flair Rainbow is a popular one among players across the online game modes. It is the definition of a showboat’s favourite, used in Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team (UT) where its purpose is to embarrass the defender. To perform it, the player must:

  • Hold L1 (LB on Xbox) + flick the Right Stick backwards once + Right Stick forwards twice (all determined by the direction the attacker is facing).

The difference from the classic Rainbow Flick is a beautiful new animation that loops the ball over the attacker’s head to take it past the defender. The footballer must have 5* Skills to perform this skill move. It is not just strong in the visuals, but its effectiveness, it is known to force bad defensive animations that may lead to you getting past your opponent, some may even use it to get the ball over an onrushing goalkeeper.

Timing it just right will have the ball loop over the goalkeeper and have the ball go into the goal or set you up for a flair volley into an empty net. When your finishing is off, you can rely on this trick to ensure you score, and you get to embarrass your opponent.

3. Shot Cancel

Not commonly known as a definitive skill move, the Shot Cancel has been around for a couple of years now and has been a deadly move since its introduction. It’s insanely effective, yet really simple to perform. All that’s required is to:

  • Press the shot button, usually O (B on Xbox) + L2 and R2 (LT and RT on Xbox).

It is a no star skill move (even goalkeepers can do it) and the benefits from using it are endless. It is third in the list because it gives you perfect control of the ball as an attacker. Furthermore, it also forces animations from defenders and goalkeepers when timed correctly, leading to easy goals.

Highly recommended to perform it in wide 1v1 scenarios; instead of a tight angle, you’ll have an open goal to shoot at!

2. Standing Regular Elastico and Reverse Elastico

One of the oldest skill moves in the franchise, the ‘Elastico’ in recent years has transitioned from being one for the showboaters to one of the deadliest moves in FC 24. It’s specifically the standing variations of both the Regular and Reverse that has to be learned to maximise its full potential. To perform it, all the player has to do is:

  • Rotate their Right Stick from left to right (clockwise) for the Regular Elastico and right to left (anti-clockwise) for the Reverse Elastico.

If performed correctly with good timing, you’ll have completed one of the most popular skill moves in football. But more importantly within EAFC, the footballer has to be standing to get a much quicker animation and better control of the ball. To force your attacker to stand you must:

  • Tap L1 (LB on Xbox) before performing the skill, or perform a standing Fake Shot by pressing O (B for Xbox) + X (A for Xbox).

This will give you an even quicker ‘Elastico’, highly effective in 1v1s against defenders and creating goal scoring opportunities, without requiring any complicated muscle memory at all. This one is a favourite for the competitive pros of the game, and if they’re using it, why not integrate it yourself?

1. Step Overs

The number 1 spot has to go to the ‘Step Overs’, another classic but perfect skill move for your game. It is extremely effective for the quick exits, speed boosts, and forceful animations it can cause to your opponent. It’s the highest on the list due to how readily executable it is as every outfield player in EA SPORTS FC is able to perform it and yet is highly effective and could the difference to a win or loss. To perform this simple trick you must:

  • Move the Right Stick upwards, then rotate the right stick to either the left or right side 90°.

That’s literally it. Best used when the player is walking forwards with the ball, the quick animation will have you fly past the defender if they guess incorrectly, sometimes even causing the defender to freeze and be unable to tackle the ball. It does set up great goal scoring angles but it can be used everywhere on the pitch with any outfield player. It doesn’t require any intricate muscle memory whatsoever.

Using this is a must, timing it just right and continuing the play as a result of the skill is extremely satisfying, and it will be the reason you win more games. Visually Satisfying, Readily Executable and Effective – the perfect skill move!

Final Words

Hopefully, the five skill moves listed here massively helps any struggling player out there. Throughout the year, updates to skill moves making them better or worse do occur. Sometimes brand-new skill moves are added too, so make sure to check out any information regarding skill moves when they’re announced within EA FC.

The earlier you catch on about the next best skill move, the more people you’ll stun in game when performing it.

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