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How To Extend Your FC 24 Career Mode Beyond 15 Seasons

For years, Career Mode in the EA Sports FC franchise has been bound by a 15-seasons limit, leaving players eager to explore the game’s full potential feeling restricted. While PC users could bypass this constraint through mods, console players had to resign themselves to the seemingly inevitable end of their careers at season 15.

However, a groundbreaking discovery by Reddit user fplr333 has revealed a method to overcome this barrier on consoles. With evidence below of a career extended to the 2039/2040 season, that is, season 17 which is well beyond the typical 15-season limit on Xbox or Playstation, this innovative approach holds the promise of revolutionizing the way console players experience Career Mode.

You might be wondering, what’s the secret behind fplr333’s breakthrough? Get ready to dive into a detailed guide that reveals the exact steps you need to follow to unlock a limitless Career Mode experience on your console. By closely following these instructions, you’ll be able to continue your journey well beyond the standard 15-seasons barrier, forging your own path and redefining what’s possible in FC 24 Career Mode.

How to Bypass the 15 Season Limit in FC 24 Career Mode

The following steps are specifically designed to help you continue your Career Mode save with your current club. However, if you’re open to switching to a new club, you have the option to bypass steps 2, 6, and 7 in the process.

Step 1 – Save your game in June 2038

Create a save point in June 2038, as the upcoming steps may require trial and error.

Step 2 – Reduce Your Squad Rating

To prepare your team for the following steps, lower your squad rating by signing low-rated free agents (ideally from Ireland or Saudi Arabia) and placing them in your starting lineup. Release high-rated players on June 29th to further decrease the average rating, and you may re-sign them later.

Step 3 – Get Fired on June 30th

Intentionally get fired on June 30th by offering a player an excessively high salary on June 29th. Your manager rating may affect this outcome, so you might need to offer a $1 release clause on the 28th and then a large contract on the 29th. Make sure to read your emails on the 29th to increase the chances of being sacked on time.

Step 4 – Join a New Club in the Same League

After being sacked, join a club in the same league as your original club, preferably one with high expectations or league position. This will typically be a mid-table or bottom-half team. Joining this new club will advance you to the next season (Season 16), allowing you to surpass the 15-season limit.

If you prefer, you can browse for new job opportunities through the “Browse Jobs” option located in the Office tab. Ensure that you accept any offers on June 30th. If your goal is to return to your previous club, make sure to apply for job openings within the same league.

Step 5 – Avoid saving during the 2038/39 Season

Due to potential game freezing on specific dates such as July 29th or August 13th, refrain from saving your game once you’re in the 2038/39 season. Proceed with caution, as there will be a chance to save your game later in the process.

Step 6 – Get Sacked from the New Club

Similar to the previous method, manipulate player contracts and release clauses daily to be sacked within four days. Once sacked, look for job opportunities. If your original team is among the lowest-rated, it should appear as an option. If not, return to step 2 to reduce your squad rating further.

Step 7 – Re-sign Original Players

Upon rejoining your original club, immediately re-sign the previously released players who should still be available as free agents. This will help rebuild your squad.

Step 8 – Simulate Season 16

Due to potential game freezing on certain dates, simulate Season 16 quickly, focusing on maintaining job security by achieving objectives and attending press conferences.

Step 9 – Saving and Advancing

Save your game on June 22nd, 2039, before advancing to the season’s end. After receiving the retirement letter and reviewing career stats, you’ll be sent back to the main menu. Re-enter your save and advance from June 22nd again. This time, you won’t receive a retirement email and can proceed to the next season (Season 17) and save your game. Season 17 is less prone to freezing issues, so continue your Career Mode experience without concern.

Beyond Season 17, you won’t encounter retirement emails at the end of each season. This allows you to progress to subsequent seasons without any additional steps or concerns.

An intriguing observation by fplr333, who originally documented this process, relates to the transfer window behaviour. In their initial Career Mode test with the first transfer window disabled, the window remained closed despite being in August of the extended season. However, upon advancing to Season 18, the transfer window functioned as expected. This could indicate that the game treats Season 17 as a “Season 1” reset of sorts.

As a result, it’s possible that players will have 15 more seasons to enjoy, beginning with the 2039/40 season. This is an exciting prospect for those eager to further explore the world of Career Mode in FC 24.

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