Ultimate PlayStyles+ Tier List in EA FC 24

When a non-gaming football enthusiast fires up a FIFA game for the first time, they might assume that the player with the highest overall rating is the best in the game. However, avid FIFA fans know that this is not necessarily true, as a player’s quality in the game depends on various factors such as stats, Skill Moves, Weak Foot, and work rates.

This issue, or rather feature, is magnified in EA Sports’ latest football game, EA Sports FC 24, due to the introduction of PlayStyles and PlayStyles+. Although these may resemble the discarded “traits” system from previous FIFA games, the impact of PlayStyles, especially PlayStyles+, is far greater than that of traits. In this post, we will split all 28 PlayStyles+ (excluding Goalkeeper PlayStyles) in EA FC 24 according to their impact on the game.


Finesse Shots+ (Scoring): In FIFA 23, Finesse Shot was an incredibly effective method to counter drop-back defenses. However, in EA FC 24, Finesse shots have become even more potent, particularly for players with the Finesse Shots+ Playstyle. Players like Mohammed Salah, Heung Min Son, and Antoine Griezmann can consistently score from outside the box thanks to their Finesse Shots+ Playstyle. The only way to counter this PlayStyle+ is to close down shooting angles as soon as players with this PlayStyle+ receive the ball near the box.

Trivela+ (Physical): Take everything we mentioned earlier about Finesse Shots+ and apply those benefits to passing as well. Those who played FIFA 23 know just how powerful Trivela passes and shots were in that game. In EA FC 24, players like Luka Modric can score incredible trivela goals from 30 yards out, just as they did in FIFA 23.

Quick step+ (Physical): Players with this PlayStyle+ command much higher market values compared to other players in their respective overall range for a reason. If you are familiar with Explosive Sprint in FIFA 23, you will immediately realize just how Overpowered Quick Step+ is in EA FC 24. In higher divisions, it is a common sight to witness players like Kylian Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Moussa Diaby executing a quick stepover and then exploding past defenders, leaving them bewildered.

Power Shots+ (Scoring): Power Shots were incredibly powerful in FIFA 23, and they might be even more formidable this time around, particularly for players with Power Shots+ PlayStyles. The only downside of Power shots in FIFA 23 was their rather lengthy animation. However, for players with this PlayStyle+, this animation is lightning-fast.

Relentless+ (Physical): Despite Pressing tactics being overpowered every year, they still come with the drawback of causing significant stamina drain for the players. But what if you had players with Relentless or Relentless+ PlayStyles? These players can tirelessly chase down opponents and maintain their intensity throughout the match thus overwhelming their opponents.

Technical+ (Ball Control) – Controlled Sprint is one of the most broken mechanics in EA SPORTS FC 24. Even when performed with normal players, it is difficult to defend against. When you perform Controlled Sprint with players like Lionel Messi, who possess Technical+ Playstyle, this difficulty shoots up incredibly. Our only advice on defending in this scenario is to be extremely patient and not commit to any tackles or challenges.

A Tier

Anticipate+, Intercept+ and Slide Tackle+ (Defending): If you are someone who reads EA’s pitch notes, you might have seen them promising about defenders retaining possession after making successful tackles and interceptions. However, that promise seldom comes true. But if you have someone who possesses Anticipate, Intercept or Slide Tackle as their PlayStyle+, you will retain possession after making a successful tackle or an interception.

Jockey+ (Defending): Jockey speed is one of the most important qualities a defensive minded player should have in EA FC 24. Even though the defensive awareness stat primarily dictates the jockey speed of a defender, having Jockey as his PlayStyle+ will be huge bonus. Defenders with this PlayStyle+ can also smoothly switch between running and jockeying animations, making this Playstyle even more powerful.

Whipped Pass+ (Passing): Lets be honest – smaller agile players are definitely the META when it comes to attacking in FC 24. They are quicker, can exploit controlled sprint, and they have to be tackled multiple times to be dispossessed. However, Whipped Pass PlayStyle+ makes sure that even slower and taller players can also excel at scoring. Players with this PlayStyle+ can dart accurate and pinpoint crosses inside the box, making it extremely easy for your lanky strikers to head it past the Keeper.

Trickster+ (Ball Control): Trickster+ is probably the most fun Playstyle to have on your player. Players with this PlayStyle+ can do unique flicks that cannot be done by anyone else. Moreover, this Playstyle + also buffs Strafe dribbling of the players.

Rapid+ (Ball Control): Any Playstyle that buffs pace will be extremely good and Rapid+ is not any different. Players with this PlayStyle+ reach a higher sprint speed while dribbling and will only have minimal error when sprinting or while performing knock-ons.

Pinged Pass+ (Passing): Players with this PlayStyle+ execute faster ground passes. However, the most important feature of this PlayStyle+ is that these faster passes will be trapped successfully by the receiver even if their ball control stats are not exemplary.

Block+ (Defending): As the name suggests, Block allows players to have insane reach to make successful blocks. If you are someone who loves using Drop Back defense, this PlayStyle+ could be a game changer for you

Press Proven+ (Ball Control): We all agree that pressing tactics are OP in FC 24. Pressing not only cuts off your passing lanes but also increase the chances of your players making an error while making touches. However, players with Press Proven+ Playstyle will have much more close control of the ball while dribbling at jog speed, even when they are being pressed. They can also effectively shield the ball from stronger opponents.

B Tier

First Touch+ (Ball Control):  Are you fed up with your players take heavy touches while receiving and trapping the ball? In that case, use players with First Touch+ Playstyle. They can trap the ball effectively even at high speed and transition to dribbling smoothly.

Dead Ball+ (Scoring): If you are taking set pieces with players having this PlayStyle+, you can practically see almost the entire trajectory of the ball. The kicks are much more powerful and will have much higher swerve and accuracy.

Incisive Pass+ (Passing): Precision passing and Swerve passing are two of the newest passing features in FC 24. However, these are rather difficult mechanics to master but players with Incisive Pass+ Playstyle will have an easier time executing these techniques.

Long Ball Pass+ (Passing): If you are someone who switches flank a lot, you would have observed that in EA SPORTS FC 24, the long balls take a lot of time to reach their destination. By the time our long ball reaches an isolated team mate, the opponent will have covered the ground. However, players with Longball Pass+ Playstyle do not have this issue as their long balls are extremely fast and accurate.

C Tier

Bruiser+ (Defending): Theoretically, players with Bruiser+ Playstyle will have much greater strength while performing physical tackles. However, we are not exactly sure how well it has translated to in game action. Sure, Ruben Dias – who has Bruiser+ – was good at pushing weaker opponents off the ball easily while defending. But we did not feel much difference when we did the same with Antonio Rudiger – who has similar strength – but lacked even the basic version of this Playstyle.

Aerial+ (Physical): Speaking of Antonio Rudiger, his PlayStyle+ is also nothing to write home about either. You are almost guaranteed to win every aerial duel, but that’s about the only usefulness of this Playstyle. This is an extremely useful PlayStyle+ during attacking corners though. However, since headers are fully manual and the accuracy of headers are dictated by the pressure put by the opponent defenders, winning the aerial duel is only a battle half won.

Tiki Taka+ (Passing): If I am being honest, this is the PlayStyle+ I was most excited about when EA released the pitch notes about PlayStyles. The promise of highly accurate short distance, first time and contextual backheel passes was mouth watering. We all wanted to emulate prime Barcelona and Arsenal in EA FC 24.

However, the execution of Tiki Taka PlayStyle+ was not flawless to say the least, especially in Online games. There were a few problems with Tiki Taka PlayStyle+ – Short passes were prone to error even when there was a clear path between the passer and the receiver, players were taking a touch before passing even though the input was queued before, and players were using backheels in totally inappropriate passing opportunities. While theoretically, Tiki Taka should have been the best passing PlayStyle+ in EA FC 24, I feel that in execution, it was the worst.

F Tier 

Flair+ (Ball Control): Players with this PlayStyle+ will trigger flair animations when the game decides it is contextually appropriate. In our opinion, this is more detrimental than useful because it is entirely possible for a flair animation to mess up the rhythm of our build up.

Extremely Contextual

These PlayStyles+ are not bad but in our opinion, players would have been better off with a different PlayStyle+ but still possessing the basic version of this PlayStyle+.

Chip Shot+ (Scoring): Chip shots have been nerfed in FC 24. They take extremely high trajectory and most Goalkeepers can cover the ground to intercept the chip shots. However, players with this PlayStyles will have a much better trajectory and accuracy while performing Chip shots.

Power Header+ (Scoring): Players with this PlayStyle+ can perform unrealistic Headers. Extremely useful if you are someone who uses the target man strategy.

Acrobatic+ (Physical): Players with this PlayStyle+ will perform accurate bicycle kicks and other acrobatic volley animations. These players also have higher accuracy while performing volleys. However, volleys are extremely accurate even for the players without this Playstyle.

Long Throw+ (Physical): Players with this PlayStyle+ will have much higher reach and power while performing a throw in.

In conclusion, our Ultimate PlayStyles+ Tier List has aimed to provide a clear and concise ranking of the various PlayStyles available in EA SPORTS FC 24. Keep in mind that the best PlayStyle ultimately depends on your personal preferences and in-game strategies. So, experiment, adapt, and find the perfect PlayStyle to elevate your players and your game and enjoy every moment on the pitch.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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