FC 24: Holiday Update Announced

The sixth official title update for FC 24 has been announced by EA, and it’s a big one!

Just in time for the holiday season, EA have prepared the biggest update to date for their flagship football title that brings a series of enhancements and new features to its Ultimate Team mode and gameplay.

Title Update #6 introduces a plethora of changes, ranging from 94 new player items and over 100 star head updates to gameplay adjustments that might not be appreciated by everyone. Some of those adjustments include the nerfing of Finesse Shot, Finesse Shot+, Power Header, Power Header+ playstyles and the Controlled (R1) Sprint. Moreover, the goalkeeper speed has been decreased, a change according to EA aimed to balance the gameplay and allow forwards to score more goals.

Other notable gameplay changes include reduced midfield congestion and sideline pressure on attackers and more offensive minded wingbacks in 3 and 5 at the back formations. These changes will affect most of the FC 24 custom tactics shared by the community, and might also influence a great deal of custom gameplay sliders.

For the full patch notes, please check the list below:


  • More Offensive Minded Wingbacks: AI teammate wingbacks in 3 and 5 at the back formations now track back slower. This change aims to enhance the authentic attacking nature of these formations, allowing wingbacks to support offensive plays more effectively. [PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC Only]
  • Reduced Midfield Congestion: Strikers and wide midfielders will be less aggressive in marking central attackers. This adjustment is intended to reduce congestion in central midfield areas, facilitating smoother passing plays and enhancing tactical variety in attacking through the center. [PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC Only]
  • Reduced Sideline Pressure: The defensive team’s pressure on players along the sidelines has been significantly lowered. This modification is designed to give attackers more space and passing options when facing high defensive pressure on the sidelines. [PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC Only]
  • Decreased Goalkeeper Movement and Positioning Speed: Goalkeepers now move slower when manually positioned and hold their final position briefly before returning to normal. This change aims to balance the gameplay, allowing attackers to capitalize on the goalkeepers’ positioning mistakes.
  • Finesse and Finesse+ Playstyle Adjustments: Accuracy of finesse shots by players with Finesse and Finesse+ PlayStyles has been slightly reduced. This update addresses the previous overeffectiveness of these shots, aiming to reduce unrealistic goal scoring.
  • More Authentic Controlled Sprint Speed: The top speed during Controlled Sprint has been slightly reduced to better mirror real-world player movement. This change seeks to maintain the effectiveness of using Controlled Sprint to exploit space while ensuring a more authentic match flow.
  • Power Header and Power Header+ Playstyle Adjustments: Accuracy of header shots by players with Power Header and Power Header+ PlayStyles has been significantly reduced. This adjustment aims to balance the effectiveness of these players in air, reducing unrealistic goal scoring and aligning better with real-world football dynamics.

For more in-depth details on these gameplay changes, please check the official pitch notes from EA developers.

The update also addressed the following gameplay issues:

  • In some situations following a kick off, the defending team did not always track attacker runs appropriately.
  • Sometimes, a tackling defender’s leg could have gone through the ball, resulting in an incorrect foul call.
  • Sometimes, players without the Intercept and Intercept+ PlayStyles could have incorrectly triggered slide interceptions animations exclusive to those PlayStyles.
  • Addressed further instances of slide tackles resulting in the ball unintentionally falling back to the attacker.
  • In some cases, a Precision Ground Pass intended for a nearby teammate could have ignored them for a teammate that was in the same direction, but further away.
  • In certain situations goalkeepers did not attempt to save penalty kicks aimed at the middle of the goal.
  • When the ball was traveling at a high speed, players could have had an unintentional amount of ball control when attempting to control the ball with their head.
  • Improved referee logic when determining red card advantage calls.
  • Improved referee logic when determining offside calls following deflections.
  • Goalkeepers did not always use enough power when automatically kicking the ball in order to avoid the 6 second violation.
  • CPU AI goalkeepers could have underpowered their drop kicks at times.
  • Some physical tackle animations did not play correctly.
  • Sometimes a seal out could have occurred after the ball carrier already passed the ball.
  • When receiving a red card, sometimes a scene of the referee giving a yellow card occurred instead.

Ultimate Team

  • Player Item Additions and Updates: The Holiday Update for EA SPORTS FC 24 introduces new player items and star head updates in Ultimate Team. Title Update #6 adds 94 Player Items, including familiar faces like Santi Cazorla, Adama Traore, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Sergio Ramos.
  • New Special Player Items:
    • Player Moments Adama Traore: This item represents Traore as a right wing-back (RWB) with unique PlayStyles (Quick Step+, Flair, Rapid) to enhance the dynamic role of wingbacks.
    • Radioactive Ismaël Bennacer: The update makes deep-lying playmakers more viable, with Bennacer’s item featuring as a central defensive midfielder (CDM) with Tiki Taka+, Pinged Pass, and Incisive Pass PlayStyles for better attack orchestration and possession control.

Star Heads and Other Additions

  • Star Head Updates: Over 102 player star heads and 6 managers have been updated for improved likeness, enhancing the authenticity of the game. Players like Gregor Kobel and managers such as Luis Enrique are among those updated. These star heads will become visible following a Squads Update.
    FC 24 Title Update #6 Face Updates
    1016;Andrea Sottil
    203884;Koffi Djidji
    205157;Ruiz De Galarreta
    217870;Giovanni Di Lorenzo
    222475;Morten Thorsby
    223866;Sandi Lovric
    225014;Gaetano Castrovilli
    225116;Alex Meret
    226268;Federico Dimarco
    226754;Ismael Bennacer
    227013;Fridolina Rolfo
    231184;Gorka Guruzeta Rodriguez
    235149;Jerdy Schouton
    240654;Carles Perez
    241390;Eljif Elmas
    244045;Tierna Davidson
    244270;Nikola Moro
    246113;Adria Giner Pedrosa
    246177;Emelyne Laurent
    247513;Vanessa Gilles
    247790;Lena Lattwein
    247792;Ashleigh Weerden
    248715;Marina Hegering
    249948;Luiz Enrique Martinez Garcia
    250043;Martina Voss Tecklenburg
    250961;Joshua Zirkzee
    251109;Paolo Zanetti
    251412;Shon Weissman
    252399;Alessio Dionisi
    256094;Estelle Cascarino
    258396;Cenk Ozkacar
    258683;Ivan Ilic
    258966;Andrea Cambiaso
    258976;Fabiano Parisi
    261224;Hugo Bueno Lopez
    262058;Tabea Sellner
    262090;Fabienne Dongus
    262092;Paulina Krumbiegel
    262212;Henning Matriciani
    263007;Niamh Charles
    263578;Alejandro Balde Martinez
    264309;Arda Guler
    264886;Glodis Perla Viggosdottir
    264895;Constance Picaud
    264896;Celin Bizet
    264900;Laurina Fazer
    264905;Jade Le Guilly
    264915;Friederike Rephol
    264953;Kysha Sylla
    264961;Sarah Kassi
    264969;Oriane Jean Francois
    264975;Pia Sophie Wolter
    264977;Kenza Chapelle
    264989;Gia Corley
    264990;Isabella Hartig
    265000;Michaela Specht
    265052;Selina Ostermeier
    265059;Giovanna Hoffmann
    265085;Anja Pfluger
    265271;Hayley Ladd
    265317;Laura Blindkilde Brown
    265695;Matias Soule
    265850;Maelys Mpome
    265905;Vicki Becho
    266384;Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir
    266551;Gabrielle George
    267386;Kristen Mcnabb
    267651;Maiwen Renard
    267662;Alison Peniguel
    267675;Jelena Karlicic
    267677;Tainara De Souza Da Silva
    268060;Magnaba Folquet
    268262;Rosemonde Kouassi
    268421;Mathys Tel
    268703;Nicolo Cambiaghi
    268989;Manon Heil
    271575;Simone Pafundi
    271640;Tommy Stroot
    271838;Chiara Bouziane
    272005;Natasa Andonova
    272009;Antonia Silva
    272022;Andrea Paraluta
    272051;Toni Payne
    272078;Grace Chanda
    272110;Andrea Medina
    272212;Adriana Nanclares
    272213;Elene Lete Para
    272379;Samuel Iling Junior
    272475;Antonio Toledo Sanchez
  • Refreshed Main Menu: The main menu background in FC 24 has been refreshed with a holiday theme, featuring snow, cold breath effects, and players in winter kits during December. In January, this will change to a rain weather theme.
  • New Diogo Jota Celebration: A new signature celebration for Diogo Jota, the Triangle celebration, which is an homage to the EA SPORTS FC logo, has been added to the game.
  • Added the eEuros XI team to Kick off and Online Friendlies which will become available following a squad update.
  • Updated some UI elements, out-of-match scenes, kits, and Career Mode activities, 2D portraits, banners, scarves, flags, and audio.

Issues Addressed

  • Centurion ICONs bios could have incorrectly displayed Base ICON bios.
  • The News UI did not always display correctly.
  • Squads with the Carlos Tévez Manager Item could not have entered matches.
  • Addressed instances of Playoffs matches not always being counted correctly in Clubs.
  • Addressed instances of various Skill Game issues impacting areas such UI elements, scoring systems, and camera positioning.
  • Addressed instances of stability issues that could have occurred.
  • [PlayStation 5 Only] In some scenarios, adaptive triggers could have become enabled unintentionally.

The update is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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