Game-Breaking Glitch Discovered in FC 24

Players have discovered a new glitch in FC 24 that grants a significant advantage to those who exploit it.

From the Kick-Off glitch in FIFA 23, the finesse shots in FIFA 19, to the infamous shoot and cross glitch in FIFA 07, EA has a notable history of glitches and bugs in their games. It appears that history has repeated itself with another massive glitch surfacing in EA FC 24. Earlier this season, players were able to start squad battles in a 3v3 mode. Although EA patched this glitch promptly, it didn’t directly impact players as Squad Battles is a single-player mode.

However, a newly discovered glitch is causing more concern, especially when exploited in competitive game modes. This glitch, referred to as the Trickster+ glitch, is proving to be game-breaking, undermining the competitive integrity of EA SPORTS FC 24.

The Glitch

A few days ago, a clip surfaced on Twitter/X showing former Newcastle winger Allan Saint Maximin, whose player item has the Trickster+ PlayStyle, executing a complex series of moves, culminating in the ball being seemingly glued to his feet. The player then effortlessly ran into the opposition’s goal as adversaries struggled in vain to dispossess him.

This glitch garnered attention when it was exploited against pro player Tom Stokes during his live stream, showcasing the potential game-breaking effect of the Trickster+ glitch in FC 24.

Major exploit in the game being used against pro FIFA player Stokes, this needs to be fixed ASAP.
byu/MA_Tingle inEASportsFC

Gamers have begun creating tutorials on YouTube, further spotlighting this exploit. Now, Ultimate Team players are increasingly abusing this glitch in Online Drafts, Division Rivals, and UT Champions game modes, rendering these modes frustrating to play.

The silver lining in this situation is that executing this glitch requires nearly frame-perfect input, making it extremely challenging to pull off.

How did EA react?

EA has a history of turning a blind eye towards glaring issues in their game, and FC 24 fans had speculated that EA might not address this recent glitch promptly. However, through their official Direct Communication account on Twitter/X, EA has acknowledged this glitch:

Despite this acknowledgment, they have not provided any timeframe for when a fix will be issued. Moreover, EA has not extended the UT Champions event, even as many players are choosing to avoid the game mode until a fix is provided, further amplifying the concerns within the community.

How to Perform the Glitch?

First and foremost, you need a player card with the Trickster+ PlayStyle in your squad as only these players can trigger the specific animation required for this glitch. To perform this trick, execute a fake shot by holding L2 (or LT) using a player with the Trickster+ PlayStyle, triggering a long animation.

During this animation, when the ball lands on the player’s feet, perform another fake shot while holding R1 (or RB). If timed correctly, the ball will be glued to your player’s foot. To move freely with your player, hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 (or all bumpers and triggers) together, and move the player with your Left Stick.

We strongly advise against exploiting this glitch in Online modes as doing so technically violates the Terms of Service by abusing a glitch. If a significant number of your opponents report you, EA may possibly ban your account. However, if this glitch can give you an advantage in the Squad Battles mode, you should use it.

Glitch Got Patched…Sort Of

Seeing the rampant exploit of this glitch in Ultimate Team Weekend League, EA has decided to ‘fix’ it by simply removing the Trickster+ PlayStyle from FC 24. All players who had the Trickster+ PlayStyle assigned to them were downgraded to Trickster PlayStyle, thus rendering them unable to perform the glitched skill move.

This is most probably a temporary patch until the developers drop an actual update in the near future. Be sure to follow us on Twitter/X for updates.

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