Team Lineups Might Return in FC 24

The release of FC 24 brought many new features and changes to the table, but not without its share of removals. Notably, the team lineups cutscene that traditionally kicks off the game by showcasing all players is no longer part of the package.

EA’s football game series have long been celebrated for their meticulous detail and authenticity, giving players a taste of real-world match experiences. A significant part of this authenticity was the pre-match intro cutscenes, letting players watch their favorite teams and players making their way onto the pitch. Besides showcasing the starting line-ups, these cutscenes, during certain competitions, also included the playing of national anthems.

The FC 24 update replaced the old cutscenes with a new feature called Dynamic Match Intros. Now, players can see scenes like players preparing in the locker room, managers shaking hands, and the referee tossing the coin on the field as part of the Matchday Experience update.

The community didn’t take lightly to the removal of the original cutscenes and has been vocal in requesting EA to reintroduce them in FC 24. In response to the backlash, EA acknowledged the players’ requests in a recent post, mentioning they would consider the feedback for future updates.

EA revealed the reason of the removal in the same post. According to them, many players in previous titles would skip the extended intros, sometimes missing out on important information and context. The primary goal of EA was to streamline the entry into the action, ensuring a swift and engaging experience while keeping the anticipation and atmosphere intact.

This change seems logical for online modes like Ultimate Team, where players are keen to jump immediately into action. However, the omission was not well-received by those fond of offline modes like Career Mode, arguing that it hampers the immersion experience.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, the acknowledgement by EA hints at the possibility that the cutscenes could make a comeback in a future FC 24 title update.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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