How To Perform Iconic Celebrations in FC 24

Whether it’s a simple tap in or a fancy goal, scoring in EA Sports FC 24 is always worth celebrating. When EA Sports first introduced personalized celebrations, almost every player preferred the ‘shush’ move. But things have changed in recent years as more epic celebrations have been introduced.

From the iconic “Siuuu” to Marcus Rashford’s “Workout” and emulating Lionel Messi’s “All Ears”, these celebrations bring an extra layer of flair and competitiveness to your gameplay experience. They can be achieved with just a few simple key combinations and can be used to irritate opponents who are upset about losing an Ultimate Team match.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the freshest and most iconic celebration in EA FC 24 and learn how to execute them.

1. Siuuu Celebration

If you’re a football fan or an avid gamer, then the term ‘Siuuu’ would definitely ring a bell. ‘Siuuu’ is derived from Portuguese and loosely translates to “yes” or “let’s go”. ‘Siuuu’ was first introduced to the football world on 7 August 2013 by Cristiano Ronaldo during a match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, and has since become an iconic celebration.

So how do you pull off this celebration on EA FC 24? Well, it’s fairly simple. If you’re playing PS5/PS4, just hold R1 and press circle immediately after scoring. If you’re playing on Xbox Series X/S, hold RB and press B just after scoring. Performing ‘Siuuu’ in EA FC 24 is not only satisfying but also a statement of your prowess.

2. The Workout

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in the football world you must have noticed Marcus Rashford’s ‘Think Celebration’. Also known as ‘The Workout’, the ‘Think Celebration’ is one of the most popular celebrations in virtual gaming right now.

Whether you’re playing on PlayStation or Xbox, performing ‘The Workout’ is remarkably easy. You simply press the X button on your PlayStation controller or the A button on your Xbox controller immediately after scoring with Rashford. For other players, hold L2 + double-tap square on PlayStation or hold LT + double-tap X on Xbox immediately after scoring.

3. The Griddy

For starters, the Griddy is a celebration dance that is gaining popularity in the football world. Inspired from American football, the iconic move has become very popular with gamers in EA FC 24. However, some gamers are finding it difficult to perform the celebration because it’s slightly confusing.

To do the Griddy, run off to celebrate after scoring and then hold R2/RT, now flick up the right stick twice. If you follow the steps carefully, you can enjoy celebrating goals like a pro.

4. Guns Out

If you want to irritate your opponent, then ‘Guns Out’ is one of those celebrations you should know how to execute. Unlike the Griddy, ‘Guns Out’ is easier to perform.

Simply hold L1 and press the square button on PlayStation to flex your virtual muscles. If you’re playing EA FC 24 on Xbox, just hold LB and press the X button to perform this iconic celebration.

5. All Ears

Lionel Messi’s “All Ears” celebration at the 2022 FIFA World Cup is one that brings joy to his fans. The celebration has become iconic and is currently in the new EA Sports FC 24.

To perform All Ears on PlayStation, simply hold L1 and then press the triangle button. If you’re using Xbox, hold LB and press the Y button. This celebration brings a touch of the World Cup to your matches.

EA Sports FC 24 brings excitement to every goal with its variety of celebrations. From the “Siuuu” to “All Ears”, each one adds fun and personality to the game. These easy-to-perform moves not only make scoring more enjoyable but also let players show off their style. So, remember to celebrate your next goal with these cool moves โ€“ it’s all part of the fun in EA Sports FC 24.

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