EA Sports FC 24 Dominates UK Black Friday Physical Game Sales

EA Sports FC 24 reclaimed the top spot in the UK’s Black Friday physical game sales, outpacing other major titles with a significant sales surge.

In an impressive comeback, EA Sports FC 24 has ascended to the pinnacle of the UK’s physical game sales charts during Black Friday, surpassing the magical realms of Hogwarts Legacy to secure the number one position.

This triumph is marked by a significant 101% surge in sales, predominantly on the PS5 platform. The increase is reflective of a broader trend observed by market analysts GfK, indicating a 7% rise in Black Friday physical game sales across the UK compared to the previous year.

The main reason for this number of sales was the recent 50% discount offered by EA for the first game in their new FC franchise. A drastic decision that ultimately paid off for the game developer.

Despite the prominence of digital sales platforms for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, these figures exclusively represent the physical market, as per GamesIndustry.biz. The digital sales, which are not accounted for in these charts, also featured extensive Black Friday deals.

In short, EA Sports FC 24 leading the UK’s physical game sales during Black Friday shows how big discounts can change what people buy. This reflects the changing nature of the game industry, especially in physical game sales.

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