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Top Rated League One Players to Try Out in FC 24 Career Mode

With everyone dreaming of winning titles, you’re not the only one who has opted to have the best players in your Career Mode team. But as time goes by, being dominant starts to get boring and you might not be feeling the thrill of playing and winning anymore. So, how about you start offering opportunity to those lowly rated players in small leagues and watch them develop to their full potential at your club?

League One, which is the third tier in the English football league system, has some fantastic talents worth signing. They don’t have the big ratings but deserve a chance considering the potential they have to grow. Here are some of the top-rated League One players you should add to your team. These players are not expensive, so they will be easy for anyone to sign even if they are on a short budget.

1. Jonson Clarke-Harris – 70

Sharing the top rating of 70 in League One, Johnson Clarke-Harris definitely deserves a chance in your Career Mode team. The Jamaican, who plays for Peterborough United, is left-footed and has attributes such as Power Header, Flair, Press Proven and Power Shot. He has 79 Physicality, 72 Shooting and 71 Pace, which is quite good for a player in League One.

Clarke-Harris is Peterborough United’s leading talisman and finished last season as the joint top scorer in League One with 27 goals.

2. Callum Styles – 70

Born in England yet representing Hungary at international level, Callum Styles is a hidden gem in Career Mode. The Barnsley player has the potential to reach 75 OVR if played and trained properly. His preferred foot is left but can also shoot and pass with his right foot as he has 4-star weak foot in-game. If your defence is packed or don’t need a left wing back, you can still use him as a centre midfielder.

3. Colby Bishop – 70

Coming in with a rating of 70, Colby Bishop is another quality player in League One to consider. The Portsmouth striker was a threat in front of goal last season, scoring 20 league goals. He continued with his superb form at the start of this season, averaging a goal in every game. Whereas his potential is just 71, it would be fantastic seeing him shine in those cup games against lower division teams.

4. Eiran Cashin – 70

Eiran Cashin has a rating of 70 and the potential to reach 76. The 22-year-old, who is a product of Derby County’s Academy, has been tipped for big things considering he had his breakthrough during the 2021-22 campaign.

In FC 24, Cashin has got Medium / High work rates and a Physicality of 81, which is fantastic for a defender playing in League One. Give him the opportunity to play for your team and he could be of great use when your Virgil van Dijk or Rúben Dias is injured.

5. Ricardo Santos – 70

Another top defender in League One, Ricardo Harris plays for and captains Bolton Wanderers. The Portuguese has an overall rating of 70 and a potential of 71. Whereas his work rates are High / High and he has a 3-star weak foot.

6. George Dobson – 70

With an overall rating of 70, George Dobson is one of the players you need to sign to increase the depth in your midfield. The CDM boasts a High defensive work rate and can make crucial interceptions, blocks, slide tackle and also jockey. Dobson is in his third season with Charlton Athletic, and became the club’s captain mid-way through last season.

7. Aaron Collins – 69

Aaron Collins was the 2022-23 League One Player of the Year. In his first season in the third tier with Bristol Rovers, he managed double figures for both goals and assists. The striker has an overall rating of 69 in FC 24 Career Mode with High/Medium work rates, 5-star weak foot and 3-star skill moves.

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