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4 Features to Avoid for a Thrilling EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Experience

Discover essential tips for a more authentic EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode experience. Learn which features to avoid, from superficial press conferences to unrealistic development plans, and master the art of engaging gameplay. Transform your Career Mode journey now!

While EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode offers a wealth of exciting features, not all of them contribute to a thrilling gaming experience. In fact, some features can actually diminish the fun and make the mode feel dull and tedious.

If you’re looking for an authentic and engaging Career Mode journey, here are the top features to avoid at all costs in EA sports FC 24 Career Mode!

1. Press Conferences

Press conferences as a means of boosting morale in Career Mode can make the experience feel shallow and unengaging. They offer a simplistic and one-dimensional method of improving team morale, without any real depth or strategy required. Hence, overusing press conferences can make the mode feel scripted and predictable, as you know that giving the “right” answers will always lead to a morale boost which in turn makes players overpowered on the pitch and less challenging in the dressing room.

They’re also often repetitive and don’t offer much variety. This can make them feel like a chore, and players can simply choose the same responses over and over without any real consequence. The main point to take here is that the lack of spontaneity and unpredictability can make the mode feel less exciting and less like a real-world experience.

Without the element of risk and the need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of your actions, the mode becomes a bit too “gamey” and loses some of its realism and charm.

2. Pre-game Day Training Sessions

The newly introduced feature of Match Ready Training sessions which, after a successful training session, grant players on your team with extra, temporary FC 24 PlayStyles to give them extra boosts in the match is another feature you should avoid using as it makes Career Mode less challenging and less balanced. How? Well, by granting temporary boosts to players’ abilities, it can lead you to becoming overly dependent on the boosts, rather than focusing on long-term scouting to find players with varied or specific playstyles to fit well into your team similar to reality.

It also creates a sense of unfairness between teams with more training sessions (i.e. You) and those without (i.e. AI), leading to lopsided matches and an emphasis on overpowered players, rather than strategy and skill. Ultimately, this feature detracts you from the core appeal of Career Mode as a tactical and skill-based experience.

3. Financial Takeover

Financial Takeover might seem like a shortcut to success in Career Mode, but it comes at a cost. For instance, if you were to use Financial Takeover, you could easily buy the best players available and breeze through the lower divisions. But where’s the fun in that?

This false sense of progress devalues the journey and can make the game less challenging. Sure, it’s tempting to take the easy way out, but the real reward in Career Mode comes from the challenges you face and overcoming them along the way. Instead, without using Financial Takeover, you’re forced to be creative with your budget and identify hidden gems in the transfer market, develop youth players, and slowly build your way to the top.

4. Unrealistic way of using Development Plans

Using player development plans to give your players unrealistic skill moves, weak foot abilities, and work rates in Career Mode is like using cheat codes to win a game. It might seem tempting, but it’s just not authentic, and it robs you of the true Career Mode experience. Part of the joy of the game is working with players as they are, overcoming their limitations, and finding ways to make them better over time.

When you use unrealistic development plans, you lose that sense of accomplishment and the game becomes less competitive and less engaging. The key to developing players in Career Mode is to focus on a balanced approach. Don’t rush their development, leaving your players on Balanced development plans will allow them to grow naturally and organically based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Rather use specific training plans to only improve specific areas, like work rates or weak foot as a reward, after, for example, your player scored 15 goals using their weak foot during the season but don’t go overboard. We all know that Lionel Messi will never be a 5-star skiller or Cristiano Ronaldo will never drop back to help defense. You see where we are going with this?

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