Manuel Bachoore and Emre Yilmaz Join PSV Esports

FIFAe World Cup champion Manuel Bachoore and eChampions League winner Emre Yilmaz have joined PSV Esports ahead of the new eDivise season.

The Dutch duo made the transition from Team Gullit, following a recent partnership agreement with PSV, enabling the pro players to compete in the forthcoming eDivise championship under the PSV banner.

For Manuel Bachoore, it will be the second time playing for the Eindhoven based club after representing them from 2019 until 2021 and winning back-to-back eDivisie championships.

Both players are established figures in the FC Pro scene, with Manuel Bachoore claiming the FIFAe World Cup title last season and Emre Yilmaz taking home the 2023 eChampions League trophy. The Dutch pro players also claimed the silver medal at FIFAe Nations Cup 2023 representing Netherlands.

The new eDivise season will kick off on November 7 and will see PSV meet newly promoted PEC Zwolle in the first matchday.

The league winners will get a big portion of the €50,000 prize pool and reserve direct qualification for the FC Pro World Championship.

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