FC 24 Dead Ball Wizards: Top 10 Best Free Kick Takers

Whether it’s in real life or virtual football, dead ball situations can prove crucial, especially if you have someone in your team who can make the most of them.

If you’re an avid EA FC 24 gamer, then you know the adrenaline pumping when taking a free kick in a promising position is one of the best feelings when playing, and it’s bettered only by the pure joy that comes with seeing the ball fly past the wall and the goalkeeper into the back of the net.

While converting a free kick might sound easier, not every player has the ability to deliver from dead ball. The best free kick takers have a 85-rating or above when it comes to delivering from the dead ball and also have good Free Kick Accuracy, Curve, and Shot Power.

Taking all that into consideration, here are the best free-kick takers in FC 24:

1. James Ward-Prowse

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 94
  • Curve – 92
  • Shot Power – 81

With a Free Kick accuracy rating of of 94 and a 92 rating in Curve, James Ward-Prowse is a name that needs no debate regarding the skills of taking set pieces. The Englishman, who currently plays for West Ham United, is the best free kick taker in FC 24.

Naturally a central midfielder, Ward-Prowse can also play in a slightly defensive way, especially when facing superior teams.

2. Lionel Messi 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 93
  • Curve – 93
  • Shot Power – 83

Over the years, Lionel Messi has been a specialist at taking free kicks. As a result, it’s not surprising to see him in the list of the best free-kick takers in FC 24.

The Inter Miami forward has a 93 rating for both Free Kick Accuracy and Curve and is well known for his ability to curl anything around the box. The other thing adding to Messi’s prowess in converting free-kicks is his shot power of 83.

3. Dani Parejo 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 91
  • Curve – 88
  • Shot Power – 81

Another set-piece master in FC 24 is Villareal’s Dani Parejo. The 34-year-old has a Free Kick Accuracy rating of 91 and 88 rating for Curve, hence his ability to curl the ball into the top corner cannot be denied.

On top of that, he also has a Dead Ball PlayStyle, which means he is also a good choice for penalties and corner kicks, and will deliver all of his set pieces with increased speed, accuracy and curve.

4. Alexia Putellas 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 89
  • Curve – 89
  • Shot Power – 86

One of the three highest-rated players in FC 24, Alexia Putellas is also among the best free kick takers in the game. The Barcelona women star has a Free Kick Accuracy of 89, with the same rating applying on her Curve and Long Shots.

Putellas is also an ideal choice for penalties and corner kicks considering her 91 rating for Penalties and Long Pass.

My first online freekick goal of FC24 is an absolute banger with my loan Putellas. The future is now
byu/Serbian-American inEASportsFC

5. Mapi Leon 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 88
  • Curve – 87
  • Shot Power – 89

The only other female on the list of the best free kick takers in FC 24, Mapi Leon boasts 88 rating for Free Kick Accuracy and 87 rating for Curve. She also has a 89 rating for Shot Power and 87 Long Shots.

Leon plays as a centre-back and you don’t want to deny her the opportunity to be your team’s free kick taker. Despite the fact that chances of her converting the free kick are high, the sight of seeing a CB rushing to take a dead ball is one that you don’t want to miss.

6. Paulo Dybala 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 88
  • Curve – 88
  • Shot Power – 84

One of Paulo Dybala’s most recognizable skills is his ability to convert free kicks of all sorts. The Argentine boasts 88 rating for Free Kick Accuracy and 88 rating for Curve.

Considering Dybala’s access to the Dead Ball PlayStyle, don’t just get too audacious with his 84 Shot Power unless you’re sure you won’t max out the bar.

7. Ángel Di María

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 88
  • Curve – 92
  • Shot Power – 80

Another Argentine known for his prowess at taking free kicks, Ángel Di María is a legend of the game. The former Real Madrid and PSG star has an 88 rating for Free Kick Accuracy and an amazing 92 Curve. He is left-footed and also boasts having five-star skill moves rating, making him a favourite for many players on the right wing.

8. Vincenzo Grifo 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 88
  • Curve – 89
  • Shot Power – 85

Vincenzo Grifo of SC Freiburg is not a popular name in the football world, but he stands out in FC 24 due to the threat he poses at free kicks. Grifo, who previously played for Borussia Dortmund and 1899 Hoffenheim, has a Free Kick Accuracy rating of 88 and 89 for Curve.

The German plays as a midfielder and has an overall rating of 81, which makes him a good choice if you want a set piece specialist in your team but don’t want to spend the huge amount in acquiring the established names in the football world.

9. Neymar Jr 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 87
  • Curve – 88
  • Shot Power – 79

One of the greatest players of his generation, Neymar Jr. is one of those players everyone wants to have in their team. Perhaps best known for his astonishing skill moves and repertoire of tricks, the Brazilian is also an incredible free kick taker with a Free Kick Accuracy of 87 and Curve 88. Don’t let his 79 Shot Power fool you to believing that he can’t score bangers from a distance. 

Neymar is also an expert at penalties, boasting a rating of 91 in Penalties and 93 for composure.

10. Kieran Trippier 

  • Free Kick Accuracy – 87
  • Curve – 87
  • Shot Power – 79

Kieran Trippier of English Premier League club Newcastle United has proven to be an expert at free kicks in real football. As a result, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him rank among the best free kick takers in FC 24.

The England international has a Free Kick Accuracy rating of 87, which go hand in hand with his Curve. His long pass rating is 86 and he also has the Dead Ball playing style.


While Free Kick Accuracy, Curve and Shot Power are the main attributes separating the best free kick takers in FC 24 from the other players in the game, the Dead Ball PlayStyle is also crucial. The players with Dead Ball style are likely to have an edge when taking set pieces compared to the others.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

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