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5 Best Challenges on Football Manager

Football Manager is a game of endless options. You can start at the bottom of the football pyramid and try and work your way to the top. You can rebuild a fallen giant. Or, you can simply use your favourite team.

That being said, sometimes FM players are looking for something a little different and a bit more challenging. Below, we take a look at some of the hardest challenges to complete on FM24.

The Pentagon Challenge

First on our list, we have perhaps the most iconic of FM challenges, the Pentagon Challenge. Almost every FM YouTuber has attempted this challenge at some point and it is well-known throughout the community. The aim of the challenge is to win the biggest continental tournament for each region in the game.

That means winning the Asian Football Confederation Championship (AFC), the Confederation of African Football Championship (CAF), the Confederation of North, Central American & Caribbean Association Football Champions League (CONCACAF), the Copa Libertadores and the UEFA Champions League.

That on its own sounds difficult enough but you also have to start the game unemployed with no coaching badges and no reputation. If you’re trying this one, be prepared to be in it for the long haul!

The Glory Hunter Challenge

This is another classic amongst the FM community and it involves aiming to win the league and main domestic cup in each of Europe’s top five leagues, in addition to all three continental competitions.

Unlike the Pentagon Challenge, you don’t have to start unemployed but you shouldn’t start your save at the previous winner of a domestic league or the winner of a European competition. That means you could start at Arsenal but not Manchester City for example. In addition, the aim is to complete the whole challenge within 20 seasons.

Youth Challenge

Another solid challenge option is to build a trophy-winning team only using players from your academy. That means selling all non-academy graduates and building the team up from scratch using any wonderkids that come through the club’s academy. Prove Alan Hansen wrong once more and show the world that you can win with a team of kids.

Usually for a save like this, clubs like Barcelona and Ajax are obvious examples but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then you could even start at a lower league club and upgrade the youth facilities as you progress through the leagues.

Build a League Challenge

A rather different challenge to the others on this list as instead of focusing on one club, you are focusing on an entire league. At the beginning of your save, you want to pick a club to manage that is outside of Europe’s top five leagues with the aim of not just taking that club to the top, but also the entire league.

That means strategically working money and players into the surrounding clubs in your league to bring not just success to yourself but also to everyone else. Eventually, you may even usurp the Premier League’s stranglehold at the top of the UEFA coefficients.

Winning the World Cup with a nation outside of Europe or South America

In its 94 years of history, the World Cup has only ever been won by nations from Europe and South America. That means no nation from Africa, Asia, Australasia, or North America has ever won football’s most prestigious tournament.

In fact, no nation from any of these continents has even made the final. Your job is to take control of a nation from one of these continents and lead it to glory. This could be another long save though, the World Cup only comes around every four years.

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