EA Reveals FC 24 End of the Year Stats

2023 has been a landmark year for EA’s flagship football titles, EA Sports FC and EA Sports FC Mobile. The comprehensive data released by EA offers insights into the immense global reach and popularity of these games.

The metrics to determine EA’s most popular franchise of the year were based on total unique active players, average weekly active users, and average monthly active users. For the mobile franchise, the criterion was the average daily active users. These evaluations considered all active titles in the franchises from January 1, 2023, to October 24, 2023, which includes the entire global football franchise for EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC: A Deep Dive into the Numbers

The statistics for EA Sports FC were derived from a combination of data from FIFA 23 (January 1–September 20, 2023) and FC 24 (September 21–October 24, 2023). The game has seen extensive engagement worldwide, with over 200 nations participating and 1.7 billion cross-play matches being played.

EA’s main revenue stream, Ultimate Team, has seen 15.6 million Evolutions started, indicating the game’s dynamic and evolving nature.

The introduction of women’s football in FC 24 Ultimate Team this year has significantly boosted its popularity. This is evidenced by the inclusion of 772 million women’s player items in Ultimate Team starting XIs and the presence of at least one woman player item in 373 million Ultimate Team squads. This reflects a notable shift towards inclusivity and diversity in gaming.

In terms of player favorites, Sam Kerr and Kylian Mbappé emerged as top goalscorers. Real Madrid and Chelsea led as the most played teams for men and women, respectively, with PSG vs. Real Madrid and Arsenal vs. Chelsea being the most popular matchups.

While EA didn’t reveal the number of active players for this year, we do know that FC 24 has attracted more than 14.5 million players in the first month of its release.

EA Sports FC Mobile Stats

For EA Sports FC Mobile, the data compiled includes information from FIFA Mobile (January 1–September 25, 2023) and FC Mobile (September 26–October 24, 2023). The game recorded an astonishing 45.1 billion games played and 103.5 billion goals scored, indicating a massive player engagement.

Pele’s status as the most selected player in PvP matches and the Team of the Year as the most popular promo further emphasize the game’s success and the players’ engagement with football legends and events.

EA Sports FC’s Global Impact

These statistics not only highlight the success of EA Sports FC and EA Sports FC Mobile but also underscore EA’s bold move to part ways with FIFA. The figures clearly show that players are more invested in the quality and experience of the game rather than the branding.

With EA leading the way in the digital football arena, the future of FIFA’s own soccer game, slated for a 2025 release, remains uncertain. As EA continues to innovate and captivate millions, it sets a high bar for any competitors in the virtual football world.

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